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Like it all together, the saturation of the program did not give bored, but left free time and to learn all the products.

Thanks, VAPEXPO. I hope that next exhibition is going to take place pretty soon!) This time, it’s been really much cooler, judging from the first day

Cool event, most of my respect! Pretty heavy for Ukraine and Kyiv, especially considering this industry

Grigoriy Diezov, Hookah_man (“Типичный Кальянщик”)

It was much better this time. People who wanted to save 200 UAH missed a chance to have a great time

There should’ve been more place at the sitting area, apart from that, it’s been great! Many thanks to organizers for the possibility to attend such an event!))) Waiting for the next VAPEXPO!

In comparison to the last year it was spectacular! We brought not so many products to the exhibition because wanted to see whether people liked our e-liquids. We decided that next year we would bring much more.

Alexey, Vape Hovel, VAPEXPO 2017

It is our third time here. In general, everything was fine. Lots of people, pleasant atmosphere. The organization was also cool. The market is developing, rivalry is growing and it’s very good.
Anton, Street Vapors

We most certainly liked it. We also took part in the previous exhibition. At VAPEXPO you can find plenty of useful contacts, show your products and see other brands’ offers. I guess it’s the only place where you can try everything.
Evgeniy, JWELL,VAPEXPO 2017

We like VAPEXPO, we are having a wonderful time and are grateful for being here.
Brady, Simply Vapour, VAPEXPO 2017

First of all, I liked that there were lots of foreign companies. It is cool to know foreigners’ opinions about your juices. You can choose a direction for further development.
Andrey, Virgin Vape , VAPEXPO 2017

Yes, I like it here. Everything looks fantastic. We came here to place our e-liquids in every Ukrainian vape shop.
Conor, Naked Fish, VAPEXPO 2017

We received lots of feedbacks about our juice. Everybody liked it. This is very good.
Radical Vapes, VAPEXPO 2017,

We came from Greece. We like VAPEXPO. This event is an opportunity to show yourself not only to resellers but also to consumers.
Panagiotis, ECig Hellas, VAPEXPO 2017

It is wonderful here. This is my first time in Ukraine. VAPEXPO exceeded my expectations. Everybody is so friendly and the event itself generates positive energy.
Ruthless, VAPEXPO 2017,

Very exciting. Lots of vapor and people. I was glad to see that Americans and Malaysians come here, too.
Maxim, Tobacco Concept Factory Ukraine, VAPEXPO 2017

A very good market. VAPEXPO is much bigger than other Ukrainian events I visited. I hope that next event will be even larger.
Stanislaw, PJ Empire, VAPEXPO 2017

To be honest, the event became much better. Everything’s more well-balanced, spectacular work of organizers.
Dmitry, SigaLend, VAPEXPO 2017

We received positive feedback. We are honored to be here.
Irwan, Vapehood, VAPEXPO 2017

The event is amazing. Lots of visitors are interested in vape and I like it.
Din, ZT Vape, VAPEXPO 2017

We like this event. That’s why it’s not our first time at VAPEXPO. This year we brought even more products. People like it, there are crowds of them. It’s spectacular.
Marina, Aromabasa, VAPEXPO 2017

We always come to VAPEXPO. We participated only in the Moscow exhibition before. This time we came to Ukraine. Your consumers liked us and we liked them. Everything’s great.

This is one of the best events in terms of the vaping culture. As you might have noticed even on Sunday the exhibition was full of people. This is magnificent.
Alexander, Café Racer, VAPEXPO 2017

It is fun here. Another language, another currency but this is good. We had interpreters, we had a good time. Vapers here are more interested in our products. They learn about FLAWELESS devices. I like that our company feels good here.

I like the event. People are great, everything’s different from the US. I am looking for new opportunities to come here every time.
Ben, Sub Ohm Innovation, VAPEXPO 2017

It is cool here. We examined all Ukrainian events and chose this one. We spent two years looking for the best event and our choice was correct.
Jeff, Innevape, VAPEXPO 2017

VAPEXPO is always good.
Zachar, Enjoy Smoke, VAPEXPO 2017

Everything’s good as always but ceilings are higher

Excellent and fun.
Rufat, Chicano, VAPEXPO 2017

The Ukrainian vape market has a great potential. We are planning to manufacture special products for Ukrainians and Belarusians. We brought freebie

The exhibition is quite a good one. Last year we visited an exhibition held by others organizers at Art Platforma. I can’t say that we liked it there. We’ve known Smile-Expo for a long time, so we decided to cooperate with the company.
Maxim, Maviteq, VAPEXPO 2017

VAPEXPO is awesome. If I am invited next year, I will definitely come again.
Muhammad, Skylab, VAPEXPO 2017

Guys, it was cool. Even supercool!
Vitaliy, Dream Market, VAPEXPO 2017

We liked the exhibition. We came here to show our products to Ukrainian consumers.
Deina, VapeFlam, VAPEXPO 2017

I visited the exhibition for the third time. I recommend everyone to come here and learn more about vaping!
Alexander, E-Lux, VAPEXPO 2017

I like everything here. The event is growing and changing for the better.
Daria, Devil’s Pride, VAPEXPO 2017

It was fun. People here are much friendlier than in the US.
Shane, C3Vapors, VAPEXPO 2017

I liked a great amount of booths and a diversity of companies.
Evgeny, Several Puffs, VAPEXPO 2017

It is good here. Though, the exhibition was held in a different place. It was very eventful. DJs worked well, lots of people who participated in all activities..
Sergey, «Чих-Пых» , VAPEXPO 2017

It is a phenomenal place. I was very pleased to be here.
William, Unicorn Vapors, VAPEXPO 2017

It is not our first year and first time in VAPEXPO Kiev. As usual: lots of vapor and emotions. Everything’s cool.
Galina, VAPE2GO, VAPEXPO 2017

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