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Drink beer, vaper! Beer Pong at VAPEXPO Kiev 2018!

Drink beer, vaper! Beer Pong at VAPEXPO Kiev 2018!

Why is VAPEXPO Kiev 2018 the main exhibition of Ukraine? Because it has hundreds of devices and e-liquids. At the end of the day, when you will get tired of tasting all this, go to the VAPEXPO stage in order to get sidetracked and play Beer Pong!

Beer pong stroke root during the previous event. The rules are the same:

  1. Participants stay opposite one another and take a ping-pong ball. Between players there is a table with two pyramids of six glasses of beer.
  2. Using the ball, each player should hit the target – glass of opponent’s beer.
  3. If one person managed to hit the bull's-eye, another one should drink the glass and set it aside. The one, who has beer left, wins.

These are the rules of Beer Pong. But we do know that there will be no losers!

The game starts on April 14 at 18:30 and lasts for an hour only. Don’t miss it!

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