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Air Drip vape shop: treating you with coffee and surprising with coil building novelties

Air Drip vape shop: treating you with coffee and surprising with coil building novelties

One of permanent VAPEXPO Kiev participants is Air Drip vape shop. It is a wonderful place where you can drink a cup of coffee sitting in your slippers and discuss your plans for the day. The client here is not just a guest but a friend. Every visitor is warmly welcomed by Evdokia Matviyenko – the cofounder of Air Drip. We decided to pay them a visit.

There was a pleasant surprise for us. A developer of unique coil building equipment with no analogues in Europe came to the vape shop specifically for the interview. We couldn’t miss such an opportunity and talked to Igor Bodnenko – the creator of coil building devices.

The interviewer: Yanina Volovyk (Y.V.)

The founder: Evdokia Matviyenko (E.M.)

The developer of coil building equipment: Igor Bodnenko (I.B.)

Y.V.: Tell us about your range of e-liquids.

E.M.: We have two lines of e-liquids. The first one consists of 5 flavors. We showed them at the first exhibition VAPEXPO Kiev in October. We received valuable feedback on flavors. We took into account all opinions and improved every e-liquid.


Y.V.: Are you planning to present your novelties at VAPEXPO Kiev?

E.M.: Sure. Our new product line has 8 flavors: 5 improved e-liquids from the first range and 3 new ones.

Moreover, we will show a youth line Teenagers. These are e-liquids for people who are in favor of a healthy lifestyle. We want our clients to vape e-liquids with a minimum amount of nicotine. That’s why the line will be oriented to non-nicotine e-liquids and popular youth flavors such as strawberry, chewing gum, coke, etc.

We don’t forget about those who want to vape something while drinking beer. So, we’ll offer them several tobacco flavors.

Y.V.: Have you tried to create e-liquids by yourself?

E.M.: All e-liquids in the following line will be made by me. I have a chemistry degree, so I couldn’t miss the opportunity to mix several flavors when we set up our business. I also took a chemistry course in laboratories before producing e-liquids.

Y.V.: How to create an e-liquid preferred by many vapers?

E.M.: The secret is that the flavor should be well-balanced. For instance, lots of vapers are fed up with strawberry taste because it’s everywhere, all the time and in large amounts. Strawberry in our e-liquids is an additional ingredient. Some think that we add citrus to all e-liquids but it’s not true. In fact, it is a well-balanced strawberry flavor.

Y.V.: Do you use the recipes you post on your social networking sites while mixing flavors?

E.M.: These recipes are our experiments. Of course, they can’t be named premium ones. They are simple flavor mixes anyone can make. We are trying to show correct mixing and amounts.

Y.V.: How do you promote your brand?

E.M.: I cannot say that participation in the exhibition is a means of promotion. I call it a cool get-together where you can talk to people and give everyone the opportunity to try out e-liquids. By listening to people’s opinions we improve our products. For example, everyone said that Spiritus e-liquids lacked menthol. We have taken it into consideration and now this flavor is one of the best-selling products.

Y.V.: Is the vape shop your business or your hobby?

E.M.: In my case, it is a hobby. It is a separate culture. You have to be a huge fan of it. I don't only mix and sell e-liquids. When somebody comes here not knowing that we have a vape bar I won’t say: “Get out of here”. I’ll ask: “Do you smoke? Let’s talk about it”. So, we start talking and a person stays for approximately 20 minutes.

Y.V.: Are you planning to open more vape shops in Kyiv?

E.M.: This winter we wanted to open a vape shop in Obolonskyi District but, unfortunately, we didn’t like the place we were offered. There was a big church nearby. A vape shop next to a church is something incompatible. You can open vape shops anywhere but if you like what you do, then you put your heart into it. When people feel themselves confortable at our place (vaping, drinking coffee and talking about plans for the day), it brings much more pleasure than if you are running in a shopping mall trying to buy something. We try to create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere.

Y.V.: How do you think, which problems does a Ukrainian vape market have?

E.M.: We are against vape shops which advise their visitors to try something they are not 100% sure about. There were times when people came to our place and said that they had tried a flavor mix somewhere and had been given a recipe. But they couldn’t mix it at home. It appeared that they were told to add 50 drops of nicotine to a 100 ml mix. Unfortunately, there are lots of such inexperienced “advisors”.

Y.V.: Do you have any forecasts for the development of vape culture in Ukraine in the coming years?

E.M.: I would like to see the development of vape culture for people aged 45+. People who smoked for more than 20 years found it difficult and scary to start vaping. They are afraid of mod buttons, of poring e-liquid into the device – it is new for them. But once they try it, they understand that it is better than smoking. They like it. It is very important to at least try to replace smoking by vaping because people’s health is at stake.

We also talked to the developer of coil building equipment Igor Bodnenko.

Y.V.: How is this coil building equipment special?

I.B.: The novelty lies in the fact that coil building with this equipment isn’t performed by a person. You just have to fix Kanthal and prepare the equipment for work. When you press the button, it starts working. The equipment keeps particular distance between wires and forms a coil.

It can produce 4 types of coils: Staggered fused clapton, Fused clapton, Tiger and Clapton.

Y.V.: How much time did you spend developing the tool?

I.B.: Approximately 4 days for the development. I am a programmer and developer. The software was made by me. The machine was also hand-made.

Y.V.: How did you get the idea of creating the tool?

I.B.: It was very difficult to make Staggered fused Clapton coil manually. So, I came up with the idea of creating a tool which would make the process easier. I spent 4 days developing the first version. Software and the tool itself were made by me.

Now we are developing the second version. It is much easier and faster. One unit for 20 cm will be made in 1.47 minutes. The person will spend about 3-5 minutes per 30 cm.

Y.V.: Why are you interested in coil building?

I.B.: Coil building is a creative process. I wanted to develop mods and mech mods but it needed powerful equipment. A file won’t be enough.

Y.V.: Will you show your tool at VAPEXPO Kiev 2017?

I.B.: Yes, the exclusive presentation of the second version will take place at VAPEXPO Kiev 2017. By the way, it can be bought after the presentation.

Do you want to see how this miracle of coil building works? Register and come to VAPEXPO Kiev 2017 on March 4-5!


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