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Vaping is best hobby

Vaping is best hobby

E-cig is not something strange and unknown anymore. Nobody seems to be surprised with person vaping just on a bus stop. But there are still a lot of myths about the issue: it is “just Chinese chemicals” or “costly affair”. Those who puzzled out how e-cig works are sure – vaping may become safe and interesting hobby.

Is it harmful?

No, it doesn’t, - say British scientists. The real scientists.

Official British healthcare authorities stated that vaping is 95% healthier activity compared to Tabaco products, while vaper inhales just a vapor and not the smoke with products of combustion, including toxins and heavy metals.

However, medical community is concerned by flavors as they are not a typical product for human lungs. But not a single researcher has proved the correctness of this statement.

In general, medical experts and researches are sure that vaping is much less harmful for both vapers and those around them. It means one can vape in public places while vapor do not leave unpleasant odor on clothes and hair. Meanwhile, vapers receive their fun.

Sometimes shifting from cigarettes to e-cigs may cause feeling unwell within first days. But the reason for this is not vapor but a so-called ‘Withdrawal Effect’, when organism tries to ‘forget’ products of combustion it has taken to.

In some rare cases vaper may have allergy to eLiquids components. In such a case, vaper should consult a doctor and vape-shop sales manager in order to find suitable liquid.

Vape as hobby

Common situation: person decides to quit smoking, but after visiting vape website and buying the cheapest beginner’s kit and eLiquids, he comes to an idea that vaping is food for squirrels.

Maybe later this person will visit one of vapers forum. It is the best option. Turns out, vaping is the whole subculture with a lot of necessary information, video blogs, portals, workshops and exhibitions.

After visiting workshops, master-classes and cloud-chasing contests simple interest is transforming into a real fun. As the result yesterday’s beginner start building his own custom vaporizer and has a dozen of liquids. It soon becomes not enough: it is much more interesting to try to make your own juice. Things are up and running: nicotine + glycerin + propylene glycol + flavors = much tastier juice and cheaper by the way!

Then vaper starts his experimentations with coiling. Sometimes it requires pinpoint accuracy and a lot of creativity.

Those, who just thinking of buying their first beginner’s kit, as well as experienced vapers, should visit VapExpo Kiev. It is the first exhibition and conference in Ukraine, dedicated to vape-subculture. The program includes master-classes and workshops, shows, exhibition of vape devices and eLiquids, as well as a lot of prizes for visitors.

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