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DIY vape station

DIY vape station

A DIY vape station not just saves cost but also sharpens your amateur radio skills, increasing your own sense of worth and regenerating your system unit. But the main thing is that everyone can assemble a vape station with their own hands in case of knowing the action plan and being handy. This article will settle the first issue.

What does a vape station mean?

A vape station is a vaping device designed for a group of friends. It allows two or more people to taste e-liquids simultaneously. Such a station is a small device with several so-called channels: cables with boards or controllers. Users should connect their mods to these channels and vape. Parallel connection allows to vape together with the same huge amount of vapor.

Vape stations have various dimensions, amount of channels, forms etc. Manufacturers frequently make customized stations, taking into account vaper’s wishes.

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Production of home-made vape station

Production of a vape station, especially a customized one, may cost around 10 000 UAH. Obviously, the sum is rather big, thus many vapers prefer to assemble it on their own. Besides, if one comes to grips with this issue, it won’t be as difficult as it seems.

You will need a power adapter, generating at least 200W output and 5V voltage. Less powerful source will fail to provide several users with simultaneous vaping, i.e. the concept of a vape station will be lost.

An old system unit can be used as a body: it is the way that you reanimate it. Truly speaking, this unit is pretty large and takes much space. In fact, you may use a hard paper or plastic and reduce a size of the vape station up to a table-type one.

A connector with a MOSFET button (metal-oxide semiconductor field-effect transistor) will be placed on the body.

To make a vape station, you will require two rlb3034 MOSFETs as well as two resistors with 15kΩ resistance at 0.25W output. You can use the button from the old phone, desk lamp or any other needless equipment.

The device with such features is optimized for four people. It features 0.16Ohm coil. While inhaling, voltage ranges up to 5.08V and we receive 161W.

The video below shows how to assemble all details correctly and make a DIY vape station operate:


If you are not sure of your radio engineering skills, you’d better back off from assembling DIY vape stations. Indeed, you will save 9900 UAH, but good health is above wealth. This process involves working with electric current and high voltage. So, watch out and be careful.

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