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VAPEXPO Kiev 2017 and experience worth $1 million. Secrets of e-juices manufacturing from Innevape

 VAPEXPO Kiev 2017 and experience worth $1 million. Secrets of e-juices manufacturing from Innevape

Vape business is a relative term: some people are interested in the sale, the others manufacture devices or want to mass-produce their homemade e-liquids. If you belong to the last category, this article is a must-have to read.

Visitors of the industry B2B conference VAPEXPO Kiev 2017, which was held on March 4, listened to the presentation by Jeff Connell, the founder of the American e-liquids company Innevape. Its mix Heisenberg Mentol became the best-selling one in China and was listed in the top 5 e-liquids in the world.

In his presentation “Production and realization of e-liquids” Jeff shared his experience and secrets of the company’s success.

Secret №1. How did Heisenberg Mentol become the best flavor?

Actually, the formula of the e-liquid’s success is as old as the hills: the manufacturer invested a colossal amount of time and money. It is unlikely that somebody was surprised with the fact. However, exact figures are really impressive: the company spent 8 years and $1 million on development, testing and realization. What is more, these resources were used not only for Heisenberg Mentol but also for a product line with several flavors.

So, what did Innevape pay its special attention to?

  1. Investments in marketing and advertising. According to Jeff, the package should be bright and attractive – the product is the first thing a user sees. It should attract them.
  2. QUALITY – from A to Z. In fact, Jeff gives the first place to it. Everything starts with the bottle’s content and thanks to quality a client comes back to buy one more.

Pharmaceutical grade of Innevape’s e-liquids is 99,997%. To reach it the company used the services of an FDA employee.

Then Innevape started social testing of e-liquids. The team interviewed 10 000 people to know their opinion. The mixes consumers didn’t like were excluded from a mass production to prevent the company’s failure. Innevape team believes that it’s up to the client to decide how the product should taste.

I like Heisenberg more than other flavors but Heisenberg Mentol became the best-selling one. People defined a perfect flavor by themselves” – said Jeff.

Secret №2. Inner workings of the Innevape’s laboratory

Connell confessed that he wanted to finish presentation after telling the first secret. Why not? You only need some patience and a million dollars. But, at the last moment, he decided to share lifehacks which virtually represented Innevape’s trade secret. Drum roll, please…

  1. Alcohol in e-liquids has a negative influence on flavor. That’s why Jeff recommends keep the basis for two month: alcohol vapor will disappear and flavor will become natural.
  2. If in the process of mixing you don’t like flavor very much, don’t try to fix it – start from scratch. Yes, it is too long. Yes, too costly. But it works.

I’m not saying that it is the only way. I just share what was right for me. The most important thing is to always be focused on the client” – said Jeff.

Secret without a number. Afterword

Innevape had been studying the Ukrainian vape market for 2 years before they came here. On March 4-5, at VAPEXPO Kiev 2017 its products were presented in the country for the first time.

“We decided that VAPEXPO Kiev is the best platform for entering the Ukrainian vape market” – commented the Innevape founder.

Jeff shared his impressions about the vape event organized by Smile-Expo. He was pleasantly surprised with the variety of exhibitors, including large foreign manufacturers. Besides, Jeff liked the atmosphere of the event.

I’m excited about Ukraine. These people won my heart” – he said. Perhaps, because of it Jeff opened up to the audience and presented his brilliant knowledge and experience worth $1 mln.

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