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5 Vape Suits

5 Vape Suits

Ukrainian manufacturer VapeSuits is a newcomer on the vaping market. According to the team, only the best ingredients and HiLiQ nicotine are used, and their line with five tastes is premium. To suit the action to the word, the company presented its e-liquids at VAPEXPO Kiev. Well, have it coming! 

At first sight
The line was tested on Tsunami RDA with Clapton coil (5 twists).
E-liquids are poured into plastic 60 ml bottles that go with a pipette and are childproof. The bottles are decorated with a big company label and a taste name. Of course, nicotine yield (0; 1.5 or 3 mg) and VG/PG ratio (70/30) are given. 

Tastes differ
The manufacturer describes it as follows: it would meet the preference of everyone who likes Nutella and nuts. The taste differs when you inhale and breathe out. It is rich, not sugary. 

In brief, this e-liquid has a flavor of chocolate and nuts. But to be frank, it presents a mind-blowing mix: everything starts with a nut in your mouth and ends with so sweet chocolate so that your lips get glued to each other. There arises a desire to spread this e-liquid on butter and eat. Unfortunately, it’s impossible. :( 

5 Vape Suits  - 1

Long Island 
The manufacturer describes it as follows: we couldn’t stay aside so popular beverage! Our original Long Island will reveal the taste of this admirable cocktail to its fullest and present a slightly sour taste combined with a sugar flavor unique to this cocktail!   

It’s a cocktail to have a gust of cola, a perfect ingredient of this breath-taking cocktail! In fact, the e-liquid really reminds the legendary beverage. With no tea, to be exact. 

Blue Margarita 
The manufacturer describes it as follows: a delicate and pleasurable taste of our original variant of the eponymous cocktail. The e-liquid will give everyone a remarkable taste and 100% boost your mood despite the absence of alcohol. 

Cooled sweet and tonic taste of lime refreshes your breath in a pleasurable manner. Light flavors of liquor are also here. Fan of cocktails? This e-liquid is simply top. 

The manufacturer describes it as follows: a sweet and sour taste given by a bouquet of Turkish sweets and secret ingredients. Those who are tired of corny pastry and strawberry will like it and be surprised by its originality. 

Very sweet… wait, extremely sweet Turkish delicacies with strawberry and a slight sour flavor when breathing out. This e-liquid will give you ultimate relaxation on a picnic or in some noisy city backyard.  

The manufacturer describes it as follows: original exotic lemonade based on tea. It has a complicated and complex taste you like more and more after each new inhaling. 
Light lemonade taste. You will taste tea when breathing out. It reminds multifruit tea: so tasty and pleasurable aroma accentuates its coolness. Tea experts will appreciate it. 

5 Vape Suits - 2

What remains to be said? All the tastes are really worth being titled premium. Despite the manufacturer offers only five variants, each vaper will find a suit to their preference. 

We give gratitude to VapeSuits for the product presented at the exhibition. 

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