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Vape Quest for vaping & movie fans at VAPEXPO Kiev 2017

Vape Quest for vaping & movie fans at VAPEXPO Kiev 2017

Do you like to vape and watch movies? If to unite these two hobbies on March 4-5 at VAPEXPO Kiev 2017, we’ll get a new vape quest! Win and get cool prizes for your love of movie and vaping!

Try to walk in the shoes of a real Ostap Bender and take part in the quest “Twelve eJuices”! We will randomly place 12 bottles with eLiquids on stands: 11 of them have an apple taste, and the 12th is a “brilliant” one (another taste). Your task is to find it. But it won’t be so easy!

In order to get prizes, you’ll need to fulfill several conditions:

  • look for stands with e-liquids (“chairs”), complete a certain task* there, and try e-liquid;
  • make a hand check with the e-juice in front of the stand;
  • if you get a “brilliant” one – post a hand check in VAPEXPO group in Vkontakte, as well as in any other social network with hash tags #eliqnet and #vapexpo_kiev.

The main prizes will be given to the most quick-witted eJuice hunters: three persons, who will find the main juice, and three persons to find all 12 e-juices.

If you are lucky enough to find the main e-liquid from the first try – DON’T STOP! The first ten players, who get all 12 hand checks, will receive additional 50 ml of goodies! The rest participants will get prizes from and CoilMaster. Prizes are given until the prize pool runs out.

If you are indifferent to the novel of Ilf and Petrov, take part in the quest “Name That Movie”. The gist of the matter is in the name:

  • guess from which movie is a quote** placed on the contest e-juice bottle;
  • determine the e-liquid taste by its smell;
  • write an answer into the form.

The quest will be held for two exhibition days. Forms are to be submitted till 15:00 of the second day. At 16:00, at the main stage of VAPEXPO Kiev 2017, we will announce the winners.

The participant, who managed to guess ALL movies and the largest amount of true tastes, will get a mod from Tesla!!!

Another 5 cool prizes will be drawn among those, who have named all the movies quotes, but haven’t guess tastes.

10 random participants, who guess at least one item, will also get gifts!

If you give the most original answer (according to organizers’ opinion), you’ll get a something tasty!

Learn also about a vape quest from Alp Liq and a challenge from PJ Empire.

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*Stand participants reserve the right to offer their own terms to contestants for getting an e-juice.

**Quotes will be from iconic Soviet movies. Get ready!

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