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Vape House: vape with customer but don’t cross the line

Vape House: vape with customer but don’t cross the line

One rainy autumn day, when one requires warmth and comfort, I didn’t go home after work but decided to visit Vape House.

Vape House is a place where you can come and communicate with friends. We allow you to take e-liquids on tap, taste them or just sit for a while like at home”, - Alexander Korotun, vape shop founder, said.

Shelves and stands present a lot of wonderful bottles from America, France, Belarus and devices with more global reach that one wants to taste and examine closely.

Salespeople of this shop are vivid ambitious personalities and very pleasant conversation partners aiming to help in any issue related with tasty and dense vapor.

Meet! Daniil makes interesting and curious reviews on White Cloud channel:


And Lev gave the informative workshop on coil building on 2 October on the main stage of VAPEXPO Kiev-2016.

These guys can not only listen – they realize, thus offer only options that can satisfy your request.

A lot of DIY e-juice lovers have tried to beat a path to Vape House, but founders strictly monitor quality of products and don’t hesitate to refuse.

”I think: one should deal with it carefully or not deal at all”, Alexander explained.

Price policy of this vape shop starts with UAH 150. 80% of e-liquid range includes imported premium products. Alexander has told that they exclusively deal with the British in Ukraine.

We would like to stress that Vape House is a perfect place for those who know almost nothing about vaping and want to get a professional experts’ opinion. Here, everyone is ready to help regardless of whether you are going to buy something or just come to obtain constructive advice.

“There was a case when a person bought the device in the online shop and then called us and asked how to use it. We took the same device and shot a detailed review specially for this person and sent it via viber. The customer watched and understood everything. This client still uses our services”, Alexander recalled.

Besides, you can find wonderful gift boxes in this shop.

“Frequently a lot of people don’t vape but want to bring joy to their friends who have long dreamed to leave off smoking. And they should decorate it somehow. We have a wonderful wooden box. We put all necessary things there: the device, e-liquids and everything required for further vaping.”

“Your customer is your friend who needs your help to get rid of smoking or to examine the device. Perhaps, to realize that someone always glad to see you is the most important thing”, Alexander thinks.

We have become friends. And friends are always welcomed here. So, I have found a favourite place for amusement with a comfortable sofas and strong coffee.

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