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Vape Awards 2018: 7 reasons to participate in the most prestigious vape ceremony of the country

Vape Awards 2018: 7 reasons to participate in the most prestigious vape ceremony of the country

Registration to the annual Vape Awards 2018, which will take place on the main stage of VAPEXPO Kiev on April 15, started last week.

If you have already applied, go to the second part.

Still doubt? There are seven reasons for participating in the ceremony:

1. After the application is submitted, the name of your e-liquid will be posted to the official Vape Awards website with a link to your company's website.

2. More than 300 people a day visit Vape Awards site. Now, check the reason number 1 again.

3. All players of the vape market can participate in the ceremony, so you do not need to become an exponent of VAPEXPO Kiev. But still a targeted audience will find out about your company.

4. Your e-liquid will automatically move to tasting*, as there will be no qualifying online voting!

5. Not bloggers and not the organizers, but 100 visitors of the exhibition, selected randomly will test e-liquids. Moreover, the tasting will be “blind”: the liquids will be poured into identical bottles with the serial number without the name of the manufacturer.

6. If you win, you will receive a statuette – a symbol of the vapers’ choice in Ukraine. This will attract new customers and increase the loyalty of permanent ones, as well as decorate your shop and Instagram.

7. The participation in the Vape Awards without a victory is a free and high-quality advertising of your product, a big plus to the image of the company.

Now that you know about all the benefits of Vape Awards 2018, fill out the participant form before April 9th. Hurry up: you have two weeks left!

Interested in the results of the ceremony? Attend the VAPEXPO Kiev 2018 ►►►

* If complied with the rules of Vape Awards 2018.

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