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TFV8 X-Baby by SMOKTECH: TFV line continuation

TFV8 X-Baby by SMOKTECH: TFV line continuation

Several years ago, SMOKTECH representatives decided to produce a powerful sub-ohm tank able to replace RDAs fully. Despite the fact that they were not the first to come up with this decision, the guys managed to create something brand new, drawing vapers’ attention: TFV4.

The developers continued this line with TFV8 and TFV12 atomizers. And recently, the manufacturer has presented the novelty: TFV8 X-Baby.

In general, the tank does not quite differ from the initial version. The main concept is a powerful vaping device able to provide lots of vapor for experienced vapers and newcomers.

Currently, there are several kinds of vaporizers: V8 Baby X Q2 with the output ranging from 40W to 80W and o.4 Ohm resistance as well as V8 Baby X M2 with o.25 Ohm resistance.

The device description includes the information on the new serviced platform. Moreover, taking into account strategies of this company, it's safe to say that there will be other vaporizers as well.

Recently, the use of two tank options presented in this devise has become quite popular. So, customers will obtain a standard version designed for the European market as well.

Capacity of the tanks are 4 and 2 milliliters. The filling system is common: one should remove the top cap and pour e-juice in.

What is the difference between this gadget and previous ones? The developers have substituted the low airflow system of TFV8 X-Baby for the upper system. The reason of such a decision remains unknown, as it would be better to leave the previous format.

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