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Vape Awards judges: It's great that vaping industry is advanced in Ukraine

Vape Awards judges: It's great that vaping industry is advanced in Ukraine

VAPEXPO Kiev traditionally features Vape Awards. Representatives of the British magazine Vapouround Dave Turner and Reuben Hodgkins were judges this year. We spoke about how difficult it was to judge the participants, what liquids they like the most, and their experience after the event.

Interviewer – VAPEXPO Kiev

Respondents – Dave Turner (D.T.), Reuben Hodgkins (R.H.)

VAPEXPO: Is it your first experience judging such contests?

D.T.: No, this is not the first event. We were judges at similar events, in Prague, for example.

VAPEXPO: Were there any difficulties in judging this year?

D.T.: Everything was organized to the high standard, guests enjoyed everything today. And we were having fun on the stage. The evening was a success!

VAPEXPO: Were you familiar with the brands presented at the Vape Awards?

D.T.: Yes, we knew some of them, read on the Internet, but saw others for the first time. This makes the process more interesting, we have a chance to meet people who represent completely new companies to us.

VAPEXPO: Which e-liquids would you like to take with you from Ukraine?

D.T.: We plan to walk through the exhibition and take a couple of interesting liquids. For example, the White Noise is quite good, it has great design. The winner in the "The best fruit e-liquid" category was cool as well. I do not remember the name, but I really liked it.

VAPEXPO: What is the main selection criteria?

D.T.: It all depends. I personally like it when the taste remains equally pleasing both when inhaling and exhaling, from start to finish. I do not like it if the taste is very strong when breathing in, and then everything "evaporates." It's great when the taste is persistent and there is a pleasant aftertaste.

R.H.: I always pay attention to how the taste corresponds to the original idea, how it resembles some fruit taste (if the liquid has a fruit taste). Softness is also important, as well as flavor revelation in the throat and how it surprises me.

VAPEXPO: What are your impressions of the exhibition?

D.T.: I really enjoyed it! It was a great experience! This is my second time in Kyiv, and everything is fine here: good people, a great city, a wonderful exhibition. We will come again!

R.H.: It's great that the vaping industry is advanced in Ukraine. I was curious about the difference from other countries. I am sure that the prospects of Ukrainian vape culture are endless.

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