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Sweet Malaysia: a review of Candy O Cloud line

Sweet Malaysia: a review of Candy O Cloud line

Do you remember the review of the new Virgin Vape line? We wrote about one of the reasons for visiting the VAPEXPO exhibitions. And here is the second one: to try the original e-liquids from abroad. Once again: the original, not a fake. company (previously Dekang Ukraine) revealed original Malaysian liquids for vaping at VAPEXPO Kiev on September 30. According to the representative of the brand, Candy O Cloud by Upairvaper was one of the best-selling lines.

We decided to find out the reason of such popularity. Join us.

At first sight

The Candy O Cloud line has seven different flavors. E-liquid is available in 60 ml bottles, the nicotine strength Candy O Cloud offers are 0 (nicotine-free) or 3 mg. PG/VG ratio – 30/70.

The bottles are equipped with protection from children and the first opening. There is a label with a large image of what should be inside on each bottle. The name of taste and line are written above the image.

That is a matter of taste

Mellon Candy

Description from the manufacturer: favorite melon with a taste of candy.

In our humble opinion, this is the flagship of the line. The pronounced flavor of sweet candies gives the impression that there are only candies around.

Coco Caramel

Description from the manufacturer: chocolate-caramel flavor, which does not melt in the mouth.

Perfect flavor of caramel in chocolate. But caramel first, and then chocolate. A long-lasting e-liquid.

Strawberry Milk

Description from the manufacturer: strawberry with a shock dose of cream.

A classic combination of strawberries and cream. What could be better? Perhaps, only the dessert itself. And the manufacturer managed to create the feeling that you were just eating, and not just breathed in and exhaled.

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Mango Milkshake

Description from the manufacturer: delicious milkshake with mango.

At first, you taste a juicy mango, gradually flowing into gentle cream. The effect of a tasty hurricane is guaranteed!

Coconut Candy

Description from the manufacturer: incredibly sweet and tasty treat, which is created to bring you pleasure.

A saturated coconut hits precisely the taste buds. And some vanilla as a control shot.


Description from the manufacturer: a fruit mix will give you a wide variety of flavor experience.

As much as we tried, we can not describe the fruit abundance of this e-liquid, you have to try it!

Chocolate Hazelnut

Description from the manufacturer: the sweet taste of chocolate with hazelnuts creates a perfect balance.

One hundred percent chocolate with an unmistakable taste and a light pinch of hazelnut. You feel mint freshness when breathing-out, so the aftertaste is magnificent!

Here they are, "sweet clouds" of Malaysia. Want to try, but are afraid of fakes? Visit the final vape exhibition of the year VAPEXPO Moscow 2017 (December 8-10) and taste the original.

P.S. We thank online store for the provided products.

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