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The secret of success from TPAVAPE Company or what’s the most important in manufacturing premium e-liquids

The secret of success from TPAVAPE Company or what’s the most important in manufacturing premium e-liquids

TAPVAPE Company is the Ukrainian manufacturer of premium e-liquids for electronic inhalers. Today we are visiting the enthusiasts who are fully committed to their business. Let us introduce Leonid (the creator of flavors), Katya (his girlfriend and loyal assistant) and Leonid’s brother (the legal advisor).

VAPEXPO: How did you become acquainted with vaping?

Leonid: I started vaping because I was a smoker. I smoked about 2.5 packages a day, 5-7 cigarettes in a row. In several years I got smoker’s cough. Then I understood that it was time to give it up. Two years ago, I saw my friend’s device for the first time. I ordered the device and e-liquid. I tried Dekang’s cherry and was really amazed. It was so tasty. Super!

VAPEXPO: How did TAPVAPE Company appear?

Leonid: We created a business plan for opening of the shop and were able to carry it out in 2 months. The shop’s name was TAPVAPE (to tap and to vape). We started from usual e-liquids. My brother advised me to start low. I was disappointed because it took us so long to run the project. We only had 800 UAH at the moment – our seed money. We ordered 50 bottles, 500 ml of base, DPA flavors, nicotine “Shanghai” and began.

Как появилась компания TAPVAPE

VAPEXPO: How did the first DIY juice arise?

Leonid: Just after the device. I bought 3 DPA flavors: apple, currant and coconut and got peach. I didn’t understand how it happened and tried to create the flavor one more time but couldn’t. It was the most delicious peach I have ever tasted.

VAPEXPO: Did you offer anybody to try the flavor?

Leonid: I offered it to my brother.

Brother: I was the main tester. Yes, it was a peach. I don’t know how he managed to create such a flavor. I guess it was accidentally. 250 ml of real peach.

VAPEXPO: And how do you mix flavors?

Leonid: We take 6-7 manufacturers and buy, for example, all the peach flavors, try them and choose the base. We do it with every flavor as we manufacture only mixed ones. Everyone can buy bases and flavors and create an apple, for example. Our task is to create something which people can’t do themselves.

Производитель жидкостей для электронных сигареты - TAPVAPE

VAPEXPO: When did you understand that it wouldn’t be a hobby but profitable business?

Leonid: It is still more of a hobby to me. I like creating and changing flavors. We always change something and it’s not only about flavors. We have improved the strip users remove to open the bottle. We have changed the label from mat to glossy and added more information. Though the design is changing, we always keep the strip. It is out unique feature.

VAPEXPO: Are you represented in the Ukrainian market only?

Leonid: Yes, for now our products are sold only in Ukraine.

VAPEXPO: How many e-liquids are there in your product line?

Leonid: At first, we had 7 flavors. Then we changed one e-liquid for the other. So, we still have 7 flavors. If you miss your favorite flavor, you can order it online only because it has been already changed.

TAPVAPE - премиум-жидкости для электронных сигарет

VAPEXPO: So, do you dispose of the most slow-selling ones? Or is it your own decision to improve some of them?

Leonid: Both. We create premium e-liquids.

VAPEXPO: What would you recommend trying first from the whole range of TapVape?

Katya: MEAM. Wild berries and a hint of menthol. Although, our company isn’t so well-known, MEAM is very popular.

VAPEXPO: What is the secret of your success? How do you think?

Leonid: We treat it not as businessmen but as vapers. All the members of our team are former smokers. So, we understand the need of people who try to give up smoking and switch to vaping.

We avoid conflicts with manufacturers and do as we think is best.

The team kindly procured us a whole product line of premium e-liquids and we wrote about each flavor in particular.

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