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Ralph Vanderbeek: “To get money for being good isn’t common in any other industry except vaping”

Ralph Vanderbeek: “To get money for being good isn’t common in any other industry except vaping”

One of VAPEXPO Kiev participants was a famous American e-liquid manufacturer Vape Street USA. We talked to its representative Ralph Vanderbeek about peculiarities of business, difference between Ukrainian and American vape industries and main values in the company.

Journalist: Yanina Volovyk (Y.V.)

Speaker: Ralph Vanderbeek

Y.V.: Tell us about your company and the scope of e-liquid manufacturing.

R.V.: We are an American e-liquid manufacturer. Our team consists of scientists. We have our own laboratory in the US which has an international accreditation. We manufacture and test e-liquids for purity there.

We created our own 300 e-liquids and produced e-liquids for other companies. The total amount can vary between one and two thousand e-liquids. We brought e-liquids from 7 American companies to the exhibition.

Y.V.: Why did you decide to become an exhibitor at VAPEXPO Kiev?

R.V.: It’s quite an amusing story: I met my colleague and we talked about the Ukrainian vape market. It is amazing that so many people here smoke tobacco. So we thought: if our flavors are popular in the whole world, why not to participate in the Ukrainian exhibition?

Yes, we understood that price policy of vaping in the USA is quite high for the vape market in Ukraine. So, we decided to pour e-liquids into different bottles which were also tested in laboratories. Everyone interested could buy a necessary amount of e-liquids. So, we can supply them to Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and other countries in the Eastern Europe.


Y.V.: What is the main difference between Ukrainian and American vape industries?

R.V.: In my opinion, the main difference is that you started to develop vaping 5-6 later that in the US. Moreover, the vape industry in the US is already regulated. In your country the bill is only being considered.

People need to understand: if you are creating a product which can influence a person’s life, you should use only scientific methods because if you don’t do it, you can harm somebody. The only way is to study molecular structure of an e-liquid, test reactions connected to nicotine and e-liquids in various conditions. We are studying it in professional laboratories. Ukraine doesn’t have them.

This is what we want to bring here. I’m glad that people are open to this opportunity because nobody wants to sell a product not knowing how it will influence people.

Y.V.: What does vaping mean to you?

R.V.: My parents smoked. And when, for example, you are in a car where parents are smoking, you cannot breathe normally. These are my childhood memories. Unfortunately, my father died of lung cancer. I was shocked and began to think about an alternative. That’s how I learnt about vaping 9 years ago. I offered my friends a new way which could reduce a number of such cases.

Our company understands that every sold e-liquid can save somebody’s life. I don’t deny that it is a great business but we still work with the same passion. We have millions of clients in the world. When you know that there are fewer smokers and you encourage that – it is very exciting. The reason is simple: we not only do business but also create a product which helps people and doesn’t harm them. To get money for being good isn’t common in any other industry except vaping.

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