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Polish and Ukrainian vape markets: similarities, differences and main trends

Polish and Ukrainian vape markets: similarities, differences and main trends

Within the last few years, vaping has been developing rapidly in many European countries: the Czech Republic, Italy, Poland, Holland, Ukraine, Finland etc. Each of vape markets has its own features that are quite different, although, we are talking about the same industry,

At the international VAPEXPO Kiev, we talked to Rostislav Zhezhik, a marketing manager at Poland-based Tobacco Concept Factory, and found out the main similarities and differences between Ukrainian and Polish vape markets.

Journalist: Yanina Volovyk (Smile-Expo)

Speaker: Rostislav Zhezhik

Y. V.: How many e-liquid manufacturers are in Poland?

R. Z.: Poland has had around thousand manufacturers until previous September, but due to the implementation of the new doctrine, only 20 companies exist on the market.

Y. V.: Why do Poland smokers decide to shift to vaping?

R. Z.: The Poles is a very saving nation. Well, a packet of cigarettes costs 15 PLN in Poland, which is more than one hundred UAH, while 10 ml e-liquid bottle costs only 3 PLN and it corresponds to the very pack of cigarettes.

Y. V.: What is the difference between Polish and Ukrainian vaping?

R. Z.: These markets are totally different: a majority of Polish customers just wants to save money, thus they shift from common pretty expensive cigarettes to e-cigs. The eGO format is the most popular. The Ukrainian market, to my mind, refers vaping to a trend. I might add that mixed flavors and premium e-liquids in-demand among Ukrainian vapers are not quite popular in Poland. Therefore, the main difference is that Polish vaping means saving and Ukrainian vaping is a subculture.

Маркетолог Tobacco Concept Factory на VAPEXPO Kiev

Y. V.: Are Tobacco Concept Factory products are presented in Ukraine?

R. Z.: Yes, actually, they are. We have been operating on the Ukrainian market for 2 years and present our offers in four cities. We have a chain of 12 stores here and are going to expand our activity, entering Kiev, Odesa, and Dnipro. Currently, we are working on our range of products: besides mono-tastes, we have produced three lines of new e-liquid. Moreover, we also make our own bases and flavors.

Y. V.: How does Poland respond to Ukrainian products?

R. Z.: Pretty well. But there is the only aspect: you will hardly find mixed e-juices in 30 ml bottles in Poland. Primarily, Polish vapers prefer cherry, menthol, and tobacco flavors. One more difference is that Polish people vape very strong e-liquids containing 18-24 mg of nicotine, and it’s quite acceptable. Polanders vape more often than Ukrainians, thus such e-liquids are a common phenomenon. 70% of vapers aged 18-24 years look for these e-juices.

Thus, if Ukrainian manufacturers offer something high-quality and for cheap price, they will have a chance to succeed on the Polish market.

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