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Why a vape device leaks and how to fix that

Why a vape device leaks and how to fix that

As the saying goes, if you vape, you must clean your device. The truth is that almost every vaper faces the problem of tank leakage. Today we will discuss why a vape device leaks and how to fix that.

Let’s go down the list?

1. Careless filling

Instructions warn about that, but people usually do not read instructions or they are in Chinese language only. When you fill your vape device, do not allow juice to run down the chimney that leads to coils. If juice gets inside, the device will gurgle and spatter, and in the end, the vape device starts leaking.

How to fix that: first of all, you should fill the tank accurately and avoid such situations. If the liquid gets inside the chimney, thoroughly clean the latter. And do not fill the tank to the brim, leave some free space.

2. How you keep your tank

Keeping your tank in a horizontal position, especially in case it has bottom airflow and is left for the whole night lying horizontally, may lead to leakages through air holes.

Open filling holes may also cause troubles. They should be open only to refill the device. If they are carelessly closed, it can lead to leakage.

How to fix that: keep your device in a vertical position. If you are charging the device, remove the tank from the mod and leave it stand vertically. Do not forget to close the holes after you refill the device.

3. Disparity between airflow and draw

If you are making tough draws, but the airflow is set to minimum, there is a risk that you will draw in the e-liquid together with vapor before it manages to vaporize. It will cause leakage.

How to fix that: slightly open the air holes to reduce pressure. And do not forget to close them when you refill the tank.

Why a vape device leaks and how to fix that

4. Dirty atomizer

If you have not cleaned your vape device for a long time, it accumulates the remains of old e-liquid and as a result, the vape device leaks.

How to fix that: thoroughly clean your tank.

5. Defects

Everything is obvious here. Nobody is insured against manufacturing defects of coils, cracks on the glass, and crooked threads, which inevitably leads to leakages. And that is the least worst option.

How to fix that: in no way. Buy a new tank.

You have probably noticed that most reasons are connected with the way you handle your device. Therefore, take care about its component parts, maintenance, and read the instruction.

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