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Vaping to an Indian tune with Chakra

Vaping to an Indian tune with Chakra

We have already told about the new Russian e-liquid line with Indian mood, called Chakra. It is an example of a low-budget segment with quite exotic flavors. There are seven of them, which we will discuss right now.


A spring theme prevails in this flavor. Very tender, but at the same time clear jasmine. The manufacturer claims about passionfruit and red-ripe cherry in the mix but they are hardly sensed.


One more case of freshness prevalence over other components. A blackcurrant and pomegranate nectar creates a very interesting combination, suitable for daily vaping.


This mix includes mint, menthol and some component similar to cough drops. Along with flower hints, it provides very pleasant freshness.


It is really unique mix. A lime, kiwi and bergamot provide sour and simultaneously acerb flavor. Such combination is a quite rare phenomenon.


It was hardly expected that such combination could be so rich. Scent of a sweet melon and sour lemon peel is unmatched.


Perfect fruit mix of a red-ripe pear, rich orange and flavor apricot. Wonderful summer combination that will bring a gazillion of sweets.


This e-liquid is referred to berry mixes. A great amount of freshly harvested raspberry, strawberry and blackberry is so stunning that one can’t help but vape.

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