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Axiohm Mods Founder: In Ukraine, only our company produces mech mods of this kind

Axiohm Mods Founder: In Ukraine, only our company produces mech mods of this kind

At VAPEXPO Kiev, all exhibitors present only the best and high quality products. They include any kinds of vaping devices: mods, accessories, and e-juices.

At the event, the center of attention among hardware products was an unusual mod by Axiohm Mods. We talked to its developer and founder of the eponymous company Dmitriy Mitenkov.

Interviewer - VAPEXPO Kiev

Respondent - Dmitriy Mitenkov (D. M.)

VAPEXPO: Dmitriy, tell us please about Axiohm Mods. Where do you come from and what do you present?

D. M.: We came from Chernihiv and brought home-made mods. In Ukraine, only our team produces mech mods of this kind.

VAPEXPO: What inspired you to create such mods?

D. M.: There are a lot of mods with flaws on the vape market. That is why we decided to release own devices in order to show our stuff.

VAPEXPO: Does anybody in your team have related certificates?

D. M.: I am the only developer in the team with a construction-engineering degree. Inventions have attracted my attention since childhood.

VAPEXPO: Who developed the mod design?

D. M.: It was my responsibility. I develop and decorate the gadget by myself.

VAPEXPO: When did you start vaping?

D. M.: Since I was in the 11th form. Mainly, it was nicotine-free e-juices. I vape them till now.

VAPEXPO: Why did you decide to participate in VAPEXPO Kiev?

D. M.: It’s a great opportunity to find partners, show home-made production, gain a reputation of a cool manufacturer. It’s good that people can observe a product and assess its quality. Seeing once is better than hearing twice.

VAPEXPO: What mod do you use?

D. M.: Of course, mine! (smiling – Ed.)

VAPEXPO: What are your impressions of the event?

Д. М.: Positive. This time, many people got interested in our mech mod. What is more, some of them came and said: ‘Oh, we have heard about your mech mod.’ Of course, we were pleased with it.

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