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Ocular by Joyetech: vape of the future. Box mod review

Ocular by Joyetech: vape of the future. Box mod review

Today we are offering readers a vape review of recently produced Ocular box mod from the well-known manufacturer – Joyetech.

This box mod can impress the vape industry by its multimedia feature – but more on that later. And now let’s examine model design and technical characteristics.

The device looks ordinary but, at the same time, stylish: rectangular with swan-neck edges. The box mod is medium-sized: 86×43×30 mm. It is available in three classic colors: black, silver and grey.

The device is equipped with Joyetech board that has proven to be seamlessly operating. Manufacturer has also provided a firmware upgrade option using micro USB port.

Gadget maximum output is 80 W; atomizer resistance is 0.1–3.5 Ohm for VW mode and 0.05–1.5 Ohm for VT mode.

It is charged by one 5000 mA fixed battery.

And now, as promised, we are going to talk about the main Ocular feature: innovative multimedia option. It is not just a vaping box mod – it a musical vaping box mod! The device has 2 GB memory capacity and allows to download up to 50 songs. It is also equipped with 3.5 mm headphone jack.

Besides, the device allows to view images and put a background image on the desktop. Indeed! Modern box mods do have the latter! Such an option is provided due to 1.68’ touchscreen display.

The device costs $100.

Today’s vape review could be easily suited players, tablets and other hi-tech things. It means that vaping box mods, vaping mechanical mods and other devices enter the whole new level. Thanks to Joyetech and its Ocular box for such a high-tech vape.

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