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F*cked by Virgin Vape review: banana is on top today

F*cked by Virgin Vape review: banana is on top today

Why go to VAPEXPO Kiev? We know many reasons, but today we’ll give just one: to taste e-liquids that aren’t on sale yet.

Our permanent participant, Virgin Vape Company from Odesa, prepared a surprise for the autumn VAPEXPO Kiev 2017 visitors. On September 30, these guys presented a whole line of new flavors with a spicy name F*cked for us to review.

Let's find out: do these liquids blow your mind in a good way, or do they leave your mind full of cuss words?

At first sight

The F*cked line consists of five juicy fruit mixes in plastic 60ml bottles with protection from children and first opening. A bright label covering the entire bottle with an image of a certain ‘naughty’ fruit lets you know that mixes are going to be fruity and juicy.

In addition, label gives you information about composition of the e-liquid, manufacturer and the nicotine content (0, 1.5, 3mg). We got the strongest one.

E-juices were tested on a Tsunami RDA, Clapton coiling (6 coils).

To each their own

F*cked Apple

Manufacturer description: in some countries, this liquid is outlawed, so we had to smuggle a few kilos of apples and a lot of lemon juice across the border to make this delicious nectar for you.

A very interesting summer taste. When you inhale, there’s a strong apple sweetness and when you exhale, lemon shows up and lets you know who is the key player here. An excellent choice for those who love a fresh fruit aroma.

F*cked Orange

Manufacturer description: if pineapple and orange spent a passionate night in a motel, the maid would have to deal with this juice all over the place in the morning.

An extreme mix that constantly blows up your receptors. Sweetness of pineapple instantly changing to bright orange notes. It has a rich and fresh aroma. All fans of explosive fruit blends should definitely give it a try.

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F*cked Banana

Manufacturer description: have you ever been raped by fruit? Well, I can tell you that a banana gave it rough to my taste buds once. And today he promised to bring his friends, blackcurrant berries!

Excellent taste instantly revealing a ripe banana savor and in the end, promised blackcurrant taste. But banana is still on top today.

F*cked Grape

Manufacturer description: we could write that the ingredients for this one are ripe grapes from grandmother's garden and mum’s sweet blueberries... But what a load of crap would that be!

A load is a load, but the manufacturer actually managed to add both grandma's grapes and mum's blueberries. Refreshing taste of grapes balanced by mint coldness of blueberries will help you survive even the most unbearable heat.

F*cked Mango

Manufacturer description: man, I think I’m in love! She’s so bouncy and playful... One touch and she’s wet! Her name is juicy Mango.

A horribly sweet aroma, which (may it not stick your mouth together) is watered down by a minty note when you exhale. As a result - a sweet taste, perfect for hot weather.

And here is the promised verdict: even if at some point of vaping we wanted to cuss, it was only something like "what a f…reaking amazing liquid!"We thank Virgin Vape for this line and the opportunity to enjoy quality fruit mixes.

More previews only this winter at the final vape exhibition of the year, VAPEXPO Moscow! Learn more ►►►

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