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CHUFF e-liquids review: it’s sweet and cool

CHUFF e-liquids review: it’s sweet and cool

Ukrainian e-liquids manufacturers can become one of the best on the world vaping market in the future. The number of companies producing high-quality e-liquids is increasing every year. Thus, the product range considerably extends.

Mixologists come up with new ideas to sidestep rivals. Today, we will tell you how creators of the CHUFF e-liquid line are going to surprise you.

The new line includes 4 tastes: from cool to dessert.

On the design of bottles

A bottle has a convenient tip for digging e-liquid in the device. The main color of the bottles is black, and the labels are pastel yellow.

Company name and the name of e-liquid are written on the label on the front side of the bottle, as well as an image of famous TV characters. For example, Sherlock Holmes or Doctor House.

Vapers can find information on taste, nicotine strength, PG/VG ratio, manufacturing date, contra-indications, storage conditions and age limits on the back of the bottle.

PG/VG ratio: 75 to 25. Nicotine strength: 0%. Bottle size: 60 ml.

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On tastes

Green Meadow is a combination of honey, lemon and mint taste. With the first inhale, you feel coolness and freshness. Slightly sour lemon taste and sweetness of honey become noticeable. That's exactly what you need for summer and autumn!

Nirvana is a mix of banana cream, crackers and cheesecake. Any puff is a pleasant combination of sweet tastes. When vaping, you first feel the rich aroma of cookies, which smoothly turns into the cheesecake. On exhalation, you taste notes of banana cream. Sweet tooth will like this liquid.

Freedom is a liquid with taste of caramel, milk chocolate and hazelnuts. Such a combination would seem to be very sugary. But mild taste of milk chocolate with bright notes of caramel when exhaled turns into an aftertaste of nuts. If you can not imagine your life without chocolate, you have to give it a try.

Black Pearl has taste of blueberry cheesecake and mint. It turned out, desserts can not be supersweet. This e-liquid is the perfect combination of mint and blueberry cheesecake flavors. The pleasant aftertaste of menthol and berries refreshes for a long time after vaping.

Thank CHUFF for the provided e-liquids!

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