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Prospects of the Ukrainian and American vape markets: Simply Vapor representatives at VAPEXPO Kiev 2017

Prospects of the Ukrainian and American vape markets: Simply Vapor representatives at VAPEXPO Kiev 2017

Nowadays reality brings hardships not only to vape business beginners but also to experienced entrepreneurs. How to develop an effective and operational business strategy? This information will be shared with you at VAPEXPO Kiev 2017 by the representatives of Simply Vapor, Susan Sindt and Brady Hill on March 4.

Susan Sindt, CEO, has been working in vape industry for more than six years. Having experience in science, she studied the composition of the product and experimented with flavors. Limited e-liquids choice in the market at that time and Susan’s enthusiasm led to the establishment of the Simply Vapor company – a manufacturer of e-liquids. As the founder and a board member of a nonprofit organization Independent Vapor Retailers of Minnesota (IVRM), Susan has made a tremendous contribution to the protection of vapers’ rights in the home state of Minnesota and across the country.

At the VAPEXPO Kiev 2017 B2B conference, she will present the topic ‘Navigating Regulation and taxation’ and speak about:

  • the secret of Simply Vapor success under the strict conditions of federal regulation;
  • the experience of making business in conformity with Tobacco Products Directive;
  • how her visit could be the beginning of a successful cooperation with Ukraine.

The second expert, Product Specialist at Simply Vapor Co., Brady Hill, has been working in vape business for five years. His talent in creation of unique flavors helped to improve the existing Simply Vapor products and add two more original e-liquids lines. Besides, Brady as an experienced marketer has promoted the development of the company. He is also an IVRM member.

In his report ‘Prospects of conducting business: what to expect and what to prepare?’, the expert will unveil peculiarities of the market. After the presentation, he will answer all questions of the audience.

Speakers will deliver their speeches under the Stories of Success session (‘Cases that work successfully’).

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