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Vape industry news: where to learn more about vape culture?

Vape industry news: where to learn more about vape culture?

Vape industry is annually getting more and more large-scale: new manufacturers of vape products emerge, new vapers join the vape community, new vape exhibitions constantly take place, to cut a long story short, the vape culture is growing and developing.

Over the first few weeks of 2018, some companies have already updated their offerings. New products in the vape industry include:

  • YoVape’s e-liquids line made of 12 flavors;
  • Liqua’s e-liquids line called Elements;
  • Cream Team e-liquids from Jam Monster (Buttercream, Cinnaroll, Neapolitan).

We cannot but mention the best vape industry players in 2017:

  • vape manufacturer Tobacco;
  • Joyetech, a company offering classic flavors as well as flavors for real gourmands;
  • VARDEX with a huge range of original flavors;
  • vape company Liqua;
  • manufacturer of flavoring agents FLAVOURART.

Last year, the record-holder in terms of popularity was the Troublemaker e-liquids line from Liquid Lab. You can read more about the company and its new offerings in our interview.

Currently, the main vape industry news in Ukraine is the fifth VAPEXPO Kiev. That is the event where all supporters of the vape culture will have a chance to learn more about new e-liquids and devices of Ukrainian and foreign manufacturers, talk to likeminded people, and see how cool the Ukrainian vape community is!

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