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Startup HOP N VAPE and its first RDA Rashomon

Startup HOP N VAPE and its first RDA Rashomon

It happens that even little-known companies manufacture decent products. HOP N VAPE manufacturer belongs to those companies whose products are unpopular due to the lack of appropriate advertising.

Information available on the company website just says that it’s a new brand founded in 2016, the team loves hip-hop, vaping and especially vape tricks. These preferences became the key factors when choosing a name. So let’s move from the company to its products. During the whole time of operation it presented just one RDA – Rashomon. That’s what we will be reviewing below.

Despite the fact that this RDA is the only product of the company, it’s difficult to call it unique. The deck can be called unusual and quite convenient for installing coils. It consists of two posts with two-level 1.8 × 2.8 mm holes. Legs are held with the help of four screws, placed on the top.

Manufacturers did not bother about airflow much and made two big airflow holes – 3.5/7.5 mm each, and two slots to supply air directly to coils.

Atomizer’s connector diameter is 24 mm. The kit includes a special pin that allows using this RDA together with squonkers. Chinese manufacturer deserves some praise for such far-sightedness.

Usually, the first device or, as the saying goes, the first pancake is spoiled. But not in this case. Chinese company HOP N VAPE has managed to create a competitive RDA with convenient deck, pleasant design and interesting logo. Let’s hope that manufacturers won’t stop there and will create many other good RDAs, or possibly even devices, with the help of which they will be able to perform their favourite tricks and provide us with the same possibility.

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