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Inimitable four from Vape Shop Kiev: review of Serious Juice line

Inimitable four from Vape Shop Kiev: review of Serious Juice line

To try all e-liquids in the world is impossible, but we can try to. We are going to acquaint you with various tastes of domestic and foreign producers. Today we will discuss a line of e-liquids Serious Juice from Ukrainian Vape Shop Kiev.

“Made open-heartedly in keeping with the best traditions of Vape Shop Kiev” is a slogan of this e-liquid series. We’ve got four eJuices for the review. All liquids are available in 30 ml bottles, having 70 VG/30 PG ratio. Nicotine content ranges from 0 to 6 mg (0mg, 1.5mg, 3mg and 6mg).

At first sight

Packaging attracts attention by a bright label with high-quality picture in an old school style. On the side there are big letters indicating name of the taste, while the back side includes all the information about the contents. The bottle is made of glass, enhancing confidence in the product. The packaging is covered with dense film, providing tamper-evident protection.

Tastes differ

And now the most important aspect: tastes and vaping impressions.

Vape Shop Kiev Serious Juice



Manufacturer’s description: CLO (clown) – cheerful and multifarious. First, you’ll feel sour raspberry and then strawberry and pineapple.

While inhaling you feel nice raspberry sour taste, yes. Really tasty, but on the exhale there is no strawberry at all, or it fused with raspberry. Pineapple hint is quite faint.


Manufacturer’s description: SAM (samurai) – well-balanced and mild. Sweet-sour confectionary mix of guava, peach and mango.

Neutral taste. On the inhale there is guava indeed, when exhaling the juice has grassy after-taste, sweetened by mango greatly. Tasty confectionary e-juice.


Manufacturer’s description: SOL (soldier) – strong and impudent. Sweet-sour mandarin is softened by a mix of creams.

It is strong and impudent on paper, but rather Christmassy in real life. The eJuice tastes like an orange with spices and cotton candy, with chocolate hint on the exhale. Sweet and complicated e-liquid. We believe it to be the best one in the line.


Manufacturer’s description: MOB (mobster) – dangerous and serious. Very interesting dense mix of high-quality tobacco and soft cream.

Unconventional juice. On the inhale it has cotton candy or cream taste, paired with vanilla on the exhale. It also has something unrecognizable inside. This oddness makes the juice pungent, winning our recognition. Complicated and interesting flavor.

Well, that's what we think about Serious Juice line from Vape Shop Kiev. But we suggest you to try and estimate it on your own – the line is definitely worth your attention.

By the way, you can try flavors of Vape Shop Kiev, as well as a host of other liquids at VAPEXPO Kiev 2017 exhibition that is to take place on March 4-5, 2017. Register!

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