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Unusual gift kits for vaping or what present to choose for an experienced vaper

Unusual gift kits for vaping or what present to choose for an experienced vaper

Making presents to relatives and close people is a pleasant and useful thing, and in case there’s a reason, it becomes a necessary thing. Your vaping friend has a birthday soon? Or he hasn’t been smoking for 128 days now (why not a reason)? We have prepared a list of vape presents and gift kits that will bring lots of joy to genuine vapers.

Vape presents for beginners

There is no better way to recommend a smoker to give up the habit than presenting him with an AIO starter kit iCare Solo from Eleaf. This device is one of four newly released devices and a flagship of the new line. Good technical characteristics, simplicity of use, stylish design and low cost ($10) make this vape kit an excellent present for both recipient and presenter.

Gift kit for lovers of thick vapor

If you want to amaze a more advanced vaper, you need to be delicate. Of course, you can choose a box mod with DNA 250 chip or a mech mod, where he will have to adjust everything by himself, as a present. But firstly, you will spend lots of money, and secondly, there are no guarantees that the device will be a nice match for your friend. Give him an opportunity to choose for himself, introducing him to a new hobby: present him with Service by SMOKE KITCHEN (SK). It will be a great gift kit for a beginning coil builder. It contains 9 types of kanthal wire, cotton of Japanese quality and a detailed manual guide. And the YouTube channel of the top blogger in the CIS countries – Dragosh (Fix_RB from VapersMD) – will help your friend to build his first functional and quality coil.

Gift kit for lovers of tasty vapor

Does your friend have a delicate taste and great demands? Or does he run out of e-liquid at a rapid-fire pace? Not a problem – you will also find cool vape presents for him. Once again, it’s a risky and costly idea to present him with a year’s supply of e-liquids. SK will come to help you with its flavoring agents set called Drops. The set includes two bases and ten different flavors 10 ml each. Thanks to the diversity of flavors, your friend will definitely like such a vape kit. Give him a chance to feel himself a real juice man! Who knows: your present might open the door to vape industry for you!

We intentionally tried to avoid including hardware into our list of vape presents for two reasons. Firstly, it’s expensive. Secondly, a personal device is like a magic wand in Harry Potter books: it chooses its owner, and the owner finds it. Moreover, a device as a present is not an original idea. And vape kits for DIY liquids or coil building are not just vape presents but rather a possibility to open a new level of vaping.

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