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Natali Nesmiyan: “I can wait, be patient and never give up”

Natali Nesmiyan: “I can wait, be patient and never give up”

As we have already said, you can watch Easy Team girls endlessly. That is why they have elicited applause from the audience at the second VAPEXPO Kiev in 2016 and got the main cash prize.

Star trio came from Kharkiv to get the victory:

  • Natali Nesmiyan — organizer of Jamaican Point Ukraine, in-demand twerk teacher.
  • Anastasia Shelekhovskaya — winner of “H. I. M Dancehall & Twerk Festival”, Reggae Festival 2016.
  • Alyona Makedonskaya — winning places at REGGAE FESТIVAL 2013/2014, Breakidz twerk contest, Burn battle school, Twerk like a hammer.

Easy Team на VAPEXPO Kiev

 After Easy Team performance we have talked to one of the team’s choreographer – Natali Nesmiyan and ask her about a recipe for success in the uneasy, yet very tempting type of dancing.

Natali strives for excellence, that’s why she attends trainings from the best dancers from Russia, Europe and the USA. She is not a beginner, but a true professional of the field. Natali has already held a number of master classes in Kharkov, Odessa, Kremenchug, Poltava, Simferopol, Dnepropetrovsk and Kiev. In her native city she holds group and individual Dancehall and Twerk classes.

Тверк на VAPEXPO Kiev


VAPEXPO: What it feels like to be the best?

N.N.: You become the best one in the field if you never set out to be the best, and continue to improve yourself again and again.

Dancing does not stand still. It is always developing in various areas, and in order to be the best, one should always work hard and never stop. It is very important topic for me: to be not only an expert of the field, but also a good, decent person.

VAPEXPO: What is your secret of success?

N.N.: There are a lot of secrets… One of them is patience. Many people do things by halves, but I can wait, be patient and never give up.

Another one is sincere affection for the things you do; there is no way round it.

But the most important and difficult aspect is self-confidence. It all starts with self-belief! And nobody but we can solve this issue. When the first fruits of labor become visible, everybody starts to believe in you and support you, but the starting point is confidence in yourself.


тверк на VAPEXPO Kiev


VAPEXPO: How much time do you contribute to trainings per day?

N.N.: Currently, I have trainings every day, but the important thing is not a quantity of trainings, but rather their quality.

Dancer is the state of mind. Often when going somewhere, I listen to music and imagine choreography, show or battle performances. I also watch video and try to stay in the heart of dancing events, follow the news, attend master classes, go to gym… These are my trainings as well. They are both physical and mental.

VAPEXPO: How do you think, who is the best twerk dancer in the world?

N.N.: Mizz Twerksum.

VAPEXPO: Are you planning to spend a lifetime dancing?

N.N.: I hope to, but even if I cannot dance someday, I will organize fests and classes.


тверк на VAPEXPO Kiev


VAPEXPO: How will your team surprise the VAPEXPO audience at the next exhibition?

N.N.: If it is a surprise, what is the point to unlock it? But we have everything ready already!

VAPEXPO: Don’t you have an idea to make a vape dance with vapor for instance?

N.N.: It is an interesting idea, we will think it over.

We are sure that Natali and Easy Team will impress us at the third VAPEXPO that will be held on March 25-26, 2017! In the meantime, Smile-Expo team is going to amaze you at the most significant vape tournament of Europe - The World Series of Vaping.

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