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“Availability of documents is a trump card”. Continuation of interview with ChicanoFamily representatives

 “Availability of documents is a trump card”. Continuation of interview with ChicanoFamily representatives

Readers probably remember ChicanoFamily brand due to the interview with alliance representatives: Rufat and Sergey have told about their products and announced the new line. Today, we will keep acquainting the audience with the company and tell how guys have started their activity and what should be taken into account by beginning manufacturers while establishing their own vape business.

Interviewer: Daria Kozlova (D.K.)

D.K.: What would you add in the legal framework of vaping regulation?

Rufat: Definition. We would like vaping to be clearly regulated by legislation. We have all documents prescribed as of today. But what will be tomorrow? Perhaps, we will need to obtain something more: it can be additional certification, excise stamps etc. We are ready to get everything required but not something new each day. We want our company to develop quietly rather than be constantly distracted by paperwork.

Sergey: The fact is that we do not really understand what documents are required. One certification expert said: “I suppose these ones”. Okay. The second said: “But, may be, you will need this one.” No problem. But clear norms are absent. Thus, at the moment, we have everything that can be obtained (laughing – D.K.). Surely, it doesn’t have a positive impact on company’s budget, which is spent for such things.

D.K.: Did you initially decide to certify e-liquids?

Sergey: No, subsequently.

Rufat: I would not advise to document them initially, because it takes too many resources: both timing and financing. The certification procedure is not the cheap one. Besides, production and e-liquid are certified separately. A manufacturer should also make sure that their products are really good and will be popular among customers.

Sergey: It is important to believe in yourself and realize that it is worth such expanses. Internal crisis should be overcome as well.

D.K.: Did certification influence sales?

Rufat: It did. When I enter vape shops, I hear people interesting in certified e-juices. Even a device is something new for those who come for the first time, and e-liquid from an unknown manufacturer scares them even more. Availability of documents increases customers’ confidence, and it is a trump card.

Sergey: Many people mix flavors by themselves and come to buy components rather than e-juices. The top question is how safe it is? If at that moment one provides a person with e-liquid certification from a corresponding body, it can bring a positive effect. A customer will think: there’s no point in DIY e-juices if I can buy certified ones.

D.K.: What would you advise beginning vape businesspeople?

Sergey: Do not hurry up to bring products to the market but rather test them thoroughly. Ask dozens of people to give their feedback regarding your goods. And look for investors (smiling – D. K.). Everything is pretty expensive.

Rufat: Think out everything up to the fact how you will supply components for your products. Details are very significant.

Sergey: It is true. Even a small unconsidered detail can complicate everything. For example, you want depict five flowers on a label. Initially, it does not seem to be a problem. But such an image can increase a prime cost. And later, when you have the whole production plan, it can be a real problem. And there are a lot of such examples.

Rufat: If you start with enthusiasm, similar to us, it is important not to be despair. You will come to the first vape shop, show your e-juice and they will answer: “What is it and who are you? Look at the showcase; we have a lot of well-known brands, so back off! And vape you liquid alone.” The main thing is not to give up and keep searching: let people taste and visit more and more vape shops. Even if you are refused in the first, fifth and tenth shop, keep your head up and search for your luck.

D.K.: What do you think it is better to start with: e-liquid production or vape shop establishment?

Sergey: We did it simultaneously.

Rufat: We were familiar with both areas because of communicating with each other and were informed from either side. But, as for me, if you have experience in DIY e-liquids, you can think of production. If you are lack of experience and just realize that vaping is a profitable business, you should initially puzzle out the area and establish vape shop, as well as to communicate with people and see the market from within.

D.K.: What do you think is the secret of your success?

Sergey: Very hard work and people. As the saying goes, a good beginning makes a good ending (smiling – D.K.).

Rufat: Guarantee. All documents are available on our website. There are also descriptions of flavors, photos and feedback. It is convenient for wholesale customers to cooperate with us. They don’t have to call a manager but simply enter the website, get acquainted with flavors, wholesale prices and leave an application. And we are sending products in 24 hours.

D.K.: What else can keep customers except quality?

Rufat: Just time. What manufacturers have to do is to take care of the product being high-quality, so that people won’t be afraid of purchasing it. Products should be made of quality ingredients and in standard conditions. Besides, manufacturers should provide a lot of sales points with their goods. Then, people will start gradually recognize a brand, trust and buy it.

We met guys again at VAPEXPO Kiev 2017 that took place on March 4-5 at the IEC. At the exhibition, they successfully presented their new NAOS line and received positive feedback.

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