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Naked Fish – new to the ocean but is already making a big splash

Naked Fish – new to the ocean but is already making a big splash

When it comes to premium e-liquids, initially, one thinks not of flavour or design but of the product production place. American e-liquids, going for export, are a symbol of perfect quality and serious approach to producing new flavours. Sunny California can be easily called the motherland of American premium e-juices. It is this place that our friends from Vape House shop bring the unique line called Naked Fish. Alexander Korotun, the vape shop owner, has kindly treated us with this amazing premium line and we are ready to share our impressions. 

Well, the line consists of six flavours named after sea animals: WAHOO, BARRACUDA, GREAT WHITE, PIRANHA, and STING RAY. The manufacturer has seriously approached to the marketing aspect and even created a slogan for its products: New to the ocean but Naked Fish is already making a big splash. 

The first thing to be mentioned is a bottle! It is made not of glass or plastic but of aluminium. Undoubtedly, it looks quite eye-catching. We have not managed to remember the line having something similar.

The bottle capacity is 50 milliliters and there is no other option. Apparently, the manufacturer has decided to produce the average format that would satisfy everyone.

A significant criterion of prestige value is the fact that nicotine in the line is approved by the FDA.

Manufacturers say that their flavours will be fully revealed only on PRO level devices, thus eGo cig owners should shift to something more serious in order to taste Naked Fish. Naked Fish e-liquids have been made manually. The special feature of this RDA line is irregular VG/PG correlation that differs from each separate e-liquid, so each flavour is unique and inimitable.

Well, let’s taste!


VG/PG — 70/30

Description: blueberry muffin covered by vanilla icing. 

This e-juice was contained into the gold bottle not for nothing. It is the brightest mix of the whole line. Blueberry muffin melts in the mouth and vanilla icing perfectly complements it on the exhale. The taste might seem to be too heavy, so one will hardly use it every day.


VG/PG — 71/29

Description: Delicate baking and vanilla cream.

One doesn’t understand the flavour on the first inhale. To reveal the taste, one should vape on above-average output. Baking taste is clear and fresh cream doesn’t allow to confuse it with something else.


VG/PG — 70/30

Description: very rich honey melon mixed with exotic fruit. A perfect summer combination. 

Initially, e-juice seemed to be quite simple: the melon is present in many e-liquid lines but this one renders it as cool as never before. Tropical fruit start revealing after several inhaling. And it is this very moment that the flavour gives paradise delight.


VG/PG — 84/16

Description: flavory lime pie with very fresh crispy pie shells.

It is definitely the main ace of the line. GREAT WHITE baking is not sickly sweet and at the same time rich. You will never taste such a delicate lime pie. And a crispy pie shell will leave pleasant aftertaste for long.


VG/PG — 17/83

Description: combination of vanilla and whipped cream.

Here, the manufacturer has decided to show how to implement a quite simple mix at the premium segment. At first sight, sickly sweet mix turned to be so tasty that you want to vape it again and again.


VG/PG — 68/32

Description: peanut butter, vanilla and some nuts.

One of the most complex mixes. It's curious that no one has previously come to the conclusion to make a combination of peanut butter and vanilla. It is wonderful. And when hints of nuts are revealed, your receptors gain ecstasy.

Currently, Vape House distinguishes this line as the hottest one in this season. Despite the fact that the brand is quite young, it has already caught the fancy of many vapers all over the world. And we express sincere to Alexander for the opportunity to vape amazing Naked Fish e-juices like mad.

Come to Vape House and taste real American premium e-liquids.

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