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My tender and gentle vape: how to replace wick

My tender and gentle vape: how to replace wick

All vaping devices are ready to serve faithfully and loyally to their owners if they use their gadgets carefully. But vapers recall delicate handling just when they feel a burning taste instead of creamy strawberries or mint cherry. And it’s time to wonder how to replace the vape wick.

Reasons for wick changing

You may not care of replacing the vape wick in two cases:

  • you have non-serviced atomizers;
  • you like a burning taste.

If these points don’t refer to you, it means that you should not just be interested in such an aspect but rather be obliged to learn by heart the order of vape wick replacement.

How to replace a vape wick

In fact, that’s pretty simple: you should follow the above-mentioned guide:

  • remove an old wick from the coil and throw it away;
  • clean and burn through the coil;
  • cut a cotton pad in halves and then cut strips;
  • remove the upper layer of the cotton pad (fluff the wick);
  • roll up strips carefully, making one side of each strip thinner;
  • put the rolling wick in the coil;
  • cut the wick according to the size of the deck diameter;
  • carefully put wick ends around coils or in special slots (if any);
  • moisten the wick with e-liquid;
  • fluff the wick using tweezers to make e-liquid penetrate into it.

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To simplify the vape wick replacing process, you can buy special kits for atomizer maintenance in online and land-based vape shops. They include tools and cotton, which is the best for vaping.

For vaper’s information: wash your hands thoroughly before changing a vape wick; cotton should be clean.

If you prefer seeing once than reading twice, watch this video. It shows in detail how to replace a vape wick.

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