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Moscow original Prism Lab eLiquid

Moscow original Prism Lab eLiquid

Moscow original Prism Lab eLiquid is not promoted to be the premium one by the producers. The line of products has 5 mixes.

All liquids are available in 30ml bottles, made from tinted glass with childproof system and pipettes for convenient usage.

Label on each bottle includes name of the producer and mix, information about strength of nicotine, mix composition, various warnings and link to producer’s website.

Such mixes as Suppleness, Inner and Mental have 70% glycerin and 30% propylene glycol, while Sodra and Shifty mixes consist of 75% PG and 25% VG. There are two variations of nicotine strength: 0.3 and 6 mg.

Inner mix is a brilliant combination of coconut and watermelon. Sweet and rich watermelon flavor is the main one, while exhaling one tastes the flavor of coconut flakes. It is quite sweet, but has slightly sour taste.


Suppleness is moderately sweet one. A full flavored banana and caramel is the main profile with this juice adorned with caramel beneath. This mix is discreet and good for everyday vaping.


Mental Mix. The producer presents this mix to be a combination of banana and marshmallow. But banana comes to the foreground with just light dessert flavor, almost imperceptible.


Sodra is the most complex yet interesting combination of flavors. It is hard to distinguish ingredients from the first inhaling, but the taste is rich and pleasing. Only after some time one can differentiate mango, peach and strawberry, laced with cream. This mix is really great and uncommon one. Sweet mango and peach inhale paired with slightly strawberry and cream sour taste on exhale. A complex yet perfect blend.

The last one is Shifty. A golden graham cereal drenched in creamy milk layered with a more subtle bouquet of berries. Being rich and multifaceted, this flavor is harmonious and delicate– perfect for everyday vaping.

Overall Prism Lab eLiquids make a good showing. It is a big amenity that domestic manufacturers develop their products, making them more interesting, with wide range of tastes and flavors.

It is recommended to vape these eLiquids using sub ohm tanks or rebuildable dripping atomisers.

The price for 30 ml is 8 USD. It is up to you to decide whether it is expensive or not.

Have fantastic flavor and dense clouds of vapor.

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