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Flavour line by Tapvape: from nuts to chews

Flavour line by Tapvape: from nuts to chews

Vaping process is always a long-term adjustment of the device according to user’s freaks in order to get as much pleasure as possible. And what is more, it is a constant search for this very flavour that will catch fancy and that will whet your appetite to inhale it again and again.

Today we have tested e-liquids from Tapvape Ukrainian manufacturer. We are going to talk about 1.5 mg nicotine e-juices in 30 ml bottles.

The main feature of wrapping is double protection, which many manufacturers don’t take into account. Firstly, it has a checkout tape, protecting a bottle from the first opening. Secondly, a cover has childproofing. To open it, one should initially press and then turn.

Now we will discuss the most interesting thing: flavour line by Tapvape. We are going to review 6 various mixes.

Tapvape жижа для вейпа


Description: soft tobacco with nuts and coconut flakes.

This e-juice tastes like roasted peanuts. Chaste dry taste. If you are sick of vaping sticky-sweet e-liquids, Tapvape BLCK will be able to interrupt dessert taste. Aftertaste contains scarcely perceptible coconut hints.


Description: bun with rich apple and cinnamon.

To be honest, it has just a little bun. An acid green apple is well-defined. Generally, it is similar to apple sugar glasses. Initially, one feel cinnamon, then a powerful taste of an apple candy and somewhere afar there is a baking taste.


Description: lemon cake with coconut.

And here the description is true. Very tasty, sweet, creamy and delicate mix. Like a real fresh and rich cake. Those who are already full of classical cookies but like something sweet will appreciate this taste.


Description: wild berries with chill on the exhale.

As soon as you inhale this taste, you feel black currant flavour. Then – a pleasant soft chill. It is similar to wild berry Halls but much more kind to vaper. Then the currant taste magically turns into blackberry. Light discreet taste. And just a bid menthol. As promised by manufacturers, chill is on the exhale.


Description: peachy apricot vanilla ice-cream.

Very peculiar, even deceptive recherche taste. Initially, you swear that it is a rich peach, but then the taste somehow changes to… soap bubbles. Sure, the flavour recalled careless childhood, but we do not have desire to vape soap. You be the judge, while we are down-voting.


Description: strawberry and raspberry chewing gum

Natural summer strawberry on the inhale and fruit chewing gum after-taste. Quality e-juice. If you like fruit chews, this flavour is definitely yours.

In general, we were struck favourably with Tapvape products by Ukrainian team. Currently, Tapvape is developed, and quite possibly that the vape community will be able to appreciate new uncommon flavours soon. So we wish luck to the team and will be looking forward to novelties and share details with readers.

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