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Ashtray line: as Strugatsky brothers wrote

Ashtray line: as Strugatsky brothers wrote

Today we are going to talk about a real post-apocalyptic e-liquid line called ASHTRAY. It includes four unique flavors with original titles.

But that's not the issue. The most interesting thing is that the collection has the whole history. In a nutshell, humankind will survive only due to e-juice vaccines by 2048. You can find a full version in the same-name application available in Google Play and App Store. In the meantime, we offer readers to look at the description of life-giving vaccine.

According to the legend, people of the new world are divided into four castes: soldiers, mutants, elite, and opposition. All of these are ASHTRAY mixes.


The manufacturers believe that good soldiers, protecting peaceful (and not really) population, should regularly consume a heavy dose of pineapples. So, it is the taste of this mixture.


It is only all-too-common vaccine that can save people from the virus turning them into mutants. By the way, incurable individuals should be also treated: such a robust mix of sharp fruit jelly, lime essential oils and tiny hint of strawberry is targeted at this very category of people.


Even post-apocalyptic society has failed to avoid a bourgeois segment. It is trying to take over the world and… cactus tobacco e-juice.


Traditionally, there is no way around the opposition. There is a brew with a tonic and grapefruit taste: a sour-sweet-bitter combination like the whole life of those who get used to go beyond the system.

ASHTRAY consists of four unique and exotic mixes. Discovering their history and description, one definitely wants to visit each class of far-away 2048.

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