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We realized the necessity of winning the vape market in Ukraine - Liquid Lab business manager Sergei Starshov

We realized the necessity of winning the vape market in Ukraine - Liquid Lab business manager Sergei Starshov

New manufacturers, brands and industry representatives enter Ukrainian vape market every year. To become the best, you have to work 24/7, cooperate with the best companies and create the impossible. The example of all these things is Liquid Lab.

At VAPEXPO Kiev, we talked to the business manager of Liquid Lab Sergey Starshov about the idea of ​​creating the company, its best e-liquids and plans.

Interviewer - VAPEXPO Kiev

Respondent - Sergey Starshov (S.S.)

VAPEXPO: Where did the idea of ​​creating Liquid Lab come from?

S.S.: It’s a collaboration between Wick&Wire and Boneshaker. We realized that we need to conquer the vape market in Ukraine. Together we worked very hard and officially started in mid-August.

Our range of products consists of eight brands: Wick&Wire, Boneshaker, Tropical Island, Enjoy Juice, Smood, Wazzup, Troublemaker and White Noise.

Troublemaker and White Noise are the new ones, we presented them at VAPEXPO Kiev. We worked on Troublemaker for a long while, postponed the development all the time.

Our company has great hopes for White Noise. This project was developed together with Mihey Medvedev. The flavor establishing process took a long time, since Mihey was extremely diligent about it. We re-made each liquid 30 times to make it perfect.

VAPEXPO: What’s special about White Noise?

S.S.: It's like an association with DJing and vaping - "white noise." Each e-juice is made in a certain music style. You can see that by looking at the design of each bottle.

VAPEXPO: Do you want to create a monopoly on Ukrainian vape market?

S.S.: We certainly aim for it. You see, we are not just distributors. The company already has a large production and is planning to open a laboratory. We’re thinking about bottling other brands’ liquids at our facilities. If a company doesn’t have them, we’ll provide all services.

VAPEXPO: Which e-juices are most popular?

S.S.: It's hard to say. If we are talking about the popularity of e-liquids, then almost every vape shop has juices from Wick&Wire and Boneshaker. If we’re talking about sales ratings, then Troublemaker is our champion.

VAPEXPO: Who develops brands and PR campaigns?

S.S.: All production is on the Boneshaker guys from Dnipro, the Wick&Wire mixologist Maxim deals with the flavors. Kyiv office is fully responsible for distribution.

VAPEXPO: What educations do guys from your team have?

S.S.: Business education (laughs. - VAPEXPO).

VAPEXPO: What are your plans for the future?

S.S.: We have already spoke with the Chubby Gorilla representatives. Soon we will become their distributor in Ukraine. In November, we will present the range at home. Moreover, at the moment we are negotiating with Beacon. We want to become its official distributor as well.

VAPEXPO: What kind of e-liquids are you currently developing?

S.S.: We are working on new flavors for Troublemaker and White Noise. In a month and a half, we will present a new line, but I will not tell you any secrets yet.

VAPEXPO: What other brands do you want to create? Did you think about collaborating with someone?

S.S.: Cooperation with someone is definitely a no for us. We have three brands in stock to promote but we don’t yet know which will be the first.

VAPEXPO: Are you going to enter the international market?

S.S.: It's difficult to say for now. If we do, it’s going to be either France or the UK.

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