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What should your vape maintenance look like?

What should your vape maintenance look like?

To vape comfortably and not worry about the device breaking, every vaper should know how to clean his gadget. Obviously, any device needs maintenance, and atomizer mods are no exception.

One of the main problems that vapers face most often is a decrease in vapor production. Solving it takes simply cleaning the atomizer.

There are several ways to clean the device. The simplest one is to get the cartridge out and steam it through the empty sleeve. This will help completely evaporate all leftover e-juice from all the previous vaping.

The second way is to wipe the atomizer inside with a pileless soft cloth. If the fabric has piles, they can get into the gadget and cause some problems when vaping.

Next thing you want to do it is gently wipe all the exterior parts and blow into the atomizer on the side that is attached to the battery. If there is a gurgling sound, keep blowing until it’s gone.

If these procedures did not help, you need to wet clean the device. This requires only pure ethyl alcohol. In no case should you boil the gadget in water. So, you need to get a bowl, pour in some alcohol and place the atomizer in it for 10 minutes. Then get the device out and blow into it on the attaching side, rinse for a minute and then dry.

To avoid such measures, you should constantly take proper care of your device, regularly wipe off the e-liquid drops, and there will be no problem.

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