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Dmitry Grigorchuk tells how to win Cloud Contest

Dmitry Grigorchuk tells how to win Cloud Contest

October 1-2, 2016, ACCO International hosted the major vape event for all Ukrainian vapers – VAPEXPO. We are going to find out how the main cloud chaser of the country, Dmitry Grigorchuk (D.G.), has managed to win Cloud Contest.

While you are reading the interview, we are preparing to the greatest Vape Week in November!

VAPEXPO: How long have you been vaping and how have you got acquainted with vaping?

D.G.: I have been vaping for less than a year. Some of my friends are vapers. When they started vaping, it sparked my interest as well. And now it is my hobby.

VAPEXPO: Dima, tell us how did you manage to win Cloud Contest? Were your competitors strong or it was an easy triumph?

D.G.: I just set my mind on the winning of the contest. And I did it. As for competitors, honestly, when I saw the amount of opponents, I started mistrusting own powers a bit. It was not an easy triumph, because I spent lots of efforts and nerves for preparations. But I felt confidence during my performance and won!

VAPEXPO: Why did your vapor reach the highest rate? Was it caused by the device, coil building, e-liquid or lungs capacity?

D.G.: I was just trying to overcome this rate. E-liquid provided by sponsors helped me to gain sweet victory. It is definitely High VG that I thanked them.

Regarding the mod, that’s all individually. Each factor matters: from appropriately chosen device and coil building to technique.

VAPEXPO: What device and coil building did you use at Cloud Contest?

D.G.: The mech mod was VCM 23mm and the RDA was Buddha 23mm. It was my common coil building: 0.8 fechral, 5 wraps and 3 mm coil inner diameter.

VAPEXPO: What is your favourite e-liquid?

D.G.: Sometimes I indulge myself with foreign one. And usually I prefer such manufacturers as Monster Flavor and Wick&Wire. Somewhile I experiment with DIY e-juices.

VAPEXPO: What did you win? Do you like your prize?

D.G.: Yes, I like it very much. I won the limited mech mod called SCNDRL. Many thanks to prizes sponsors!

VAPEXPO: Will you attend the next VAPEXPO in order to become an overall champion of Cloud Contest?

D.G.: I definitely will.

Do you want to participate in the next Cloud Contest? We have great news for you: on 12-13 November, there will be a great vape tournament – The World Series of Vaping. Read details here:

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