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How the first Ukrainian magazine about vaping appeared: Interview with the creator of VapeReality

How the first Ukrainian magazine about vaping appeared: Interview with the creator of VapeReality

Hi, friend! We fell behind with publications, because our cool vape journalist was on sick leave. We know it’s a poor excuse for a mass media worker, but people fall ill in this field as well   nevertheless, we are back and ready to fill the gaps with exclusive material!         

Ironically, today we will tell you about… journalists – creators of the first in Ukraine printed multimedia magazine about vaping named VapeReality. At VAPEXPO Kiev 2018, they presented a debut issue. Editor-in-chief Denis Manushevich told us how the idea of the themed magazine emerged and what surprises wait for readers. 

Interviewer: VAPEXPO Kiev (V. K.) 
Speaker: Denis Manushevich (D.M.)

V. K.: How did the idea of a printed vape magazine appear? 
D.M.: It came to us at the last VAPEXPO when I met the editor-in-chief of the British magazine Vapouround. He shared why he was doing his job, what his contribution meant for the industry and how interesting and cool it was in general. 
I was inspired by this ides, nurtured plans, and at last we released the first issue of VapeReality in two months, and presented it at VAPEXPO. 
The magazine will come out once per month, circulation will comprise 10 thousand issues with 160 pages in each, retail price – 160 UAH. It will be available in all vape shops of Ukraine, and on all websites dedicated to vaping. Customers will have a possibility to read VapeReality in barbershops, tattoo saloons, and electric cars. We will also try to arrange the sale in kiosks of Soyuz Pechat. 

V. K.: How many people work in the team? Who makes up the topics and does the creative stuff? 
D.M.: Managing editor Dmitry Radchenko and I are responsible for creativity. Dmitry is also an author of Wick & Wire e-liquid. Together we make up topics and headlines, coordinate the design and writing of articles. The team comprises 15 journalists working all over Ukraine. Also, we have one person from Russia and journalists that travel in different countries, write blogs and articles. Also, we have 10 designers, SMM specialists, photographers, videographers on the team. 
In addition, we run a video blog on YouTube. We have taken an exclusive interview from Anatolich, whose photo is on the cover of the first issue, as he produces e-liquids. 

Как возник первый в Украине журнал про вейпинг: интервью с создателем VapeReality -1

We have established the first online vape radio. Currently, it plays music, but soon we will invite different guests connected with vaping. 
By the way, the magazine covers many topics apart from vaping such as electric cars, Bitcoin, virtual reality, and modern technologies in general. 

V. K.: Have you thought about making your own vape products? For instance, an e-liquid line? 
D.M.: We will start working on an e-liquid line from VapeReality after the release of the second issue. We will have a contest: readers will send us their recipes of e-liquids, and we will mix them and test. The best e-liquids will be added to our line, and their authors will receive a cash bonus. 

V. K.: In your opinion, which of the materials in the first issue is the most interesting and which – the most difficult? 
D.M.: Everything went difficult: we did the layout ourselves and did not sleep for nights. Two months – that’s a crazy term; it was very hard, but we managed it. And it seems to us that the magazine turned out to be brilliant. The most difficult part was the interview.  We had long preparations, complex shooting, and confirmation with media people.  
Unfortunately, the most interesting articles were not added to this issue, as we did not have time to arrange their layout. But they will appear in the second issue. This issue will offer a very interesting crossword – I personally composed it (smiles – editor’s note). 
The magazine also offers testers of e-liquids, stickers, promo codes. We make presents to our readers and try to create an interactive publication to communicate with our audience directly. 

V. K.: You said that the magazine was made of 160 pages. Will the volume change? 
D.M.: This time we have 160 pages, and we will try to maintain this volume. We believe in the magic of figures and want to keep delivering 160 pages at the price of 160 UAH. 

V. K.: What is your impression of VAPEXPO Kiev 2018? 
D.M.: Everything is very cool! Good music, many exhibitors, and smiling people. That’s success! 

Как возник первый в Украине журнал про вейпинг: интервью с создателем VapeReality - 2

While we are quickly preparing the new material, you can read about the breakup of Vape Alliance and recollect the interview with Anatolich, because… Overall, follow the news

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