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How to choose a vape device if you are a beginner?

How to choose a vape device if you are a beginner?

What vape should I choose? What should be considered while choosing a vaping gadget – a tank, a dripper, a mech mode or a box mod? These are the most topical questions for those who only start vaping.

An electronic device for vaping is a good alternative to a hookah. In comparison with it, the vape device doesn’t need lots of time to be prepared. The only thing you need is to fill in e-liquid and press a fire button.

In order to understand which vape to choose, you have to learn about a vaping setup.

A usual gadget for vaping consists of several components:

  • A mod;
  • An atomizer;
  • E-liquids.

A mod is a battery unit, the main function of which is to apply a current to an atomizer.

There are two types of mods:

  • a mech (mechanical) mod;
  • a box mod (vari-watt or vari-volt).

After pressing the fire button in the mech mod, the vaporizer receives voltage directly from the battery. Voltage in the box mod can be managed via a microcircuit which ensures protection from faults, high or low resistance in the atomizer or a battery which was installed incorrectly.

The best option for the beginner is the box mod.

An atomizer or a vaporizer is a part of the gadget which supplies e-liquid to a heating coil. This heating coil which has a cotton wick produces vapor.

There are two kinds of atomizers:

  • a dripper (RDA) – a vaporizer which has no e-liquid container. E-liquid is kept in the wick made from cotton and a siliceous thread. That’s why you will need to add e-liquid to the wick quite often.
  • a tank (RBA) – a vaporizer which has a bit more difficult construction but is more comfortable to use. It can be filled with a large amount of e-liquid which gradually comes to a vapor generator.

The main difference between the dripper and the tank is the level of taste experience and the opportunity to quickly change taste in the dripper. Although, the tank is more convenient regarding its functions. So, it’s up to you to choose what you want more: comfortable use or rich taste.

E-liquid is something which produces vapor for any device. Today there are lots of flavors, from fruit to fried bacon. You can change flavors as frequently as you want to, depending on taste you would like to vape.

Usually, e-liquid consists of glycerin, propylene glycol and nicotine. But there are e-liquids without nicotine as well.

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