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How to choose and configure a vaping device

How to choose and configure a vaping device

People become vapers in three stages: tried vaping and liked it - decided to buy a device - began to vape. In the second stage quite a logical question is raised - how to choose a vaping device? Here people also face difficulties because vaping technologies have achieved a big progress. After the purchase, by the way, the device must undergo certain adjustments. Bottomline, we do need good advice. This material will help to select, configure and learn how to charge a vaping device.

Volt or Watt?

Each electronic inhaler has its operating mode – varivolt or variwatt (most of modern mods have both).

Varivolt (VV) is an operation mode that allows user to select the atomizer voltage regardless of coil resistance. This mode allows vaper to independently select winding and voltage to receive the necessary power and get the required amount of vapour.

Variwatt (VW) does the same thing, but in regards to power. The user can choose the winding resistance himself and the set up power automatically submits the required voltage. That means that the device "overcomes" the resistance itself, while the required power remains.

The beginner just has to decide what he wants more: easy automatic vaping or something more sophisticated having a possibility to make various adjustments for himself.

Configuring the device

Configuring a vaping device is quite simple. Box mods (mods with built-in boards) have a display and control buttons. In a setup menu, you can select VV or VW modes and then gradually adjust the required voltage or power via related buttons.

The manufacturer usually provides detailed information about the range of parameters and measurement interval. Foremost, it is equal to 1 W.

When configuring the device, one has to understand that the mod cannot perform a value higher than the permissible. This is especially true for VV mode as the output power depends on the related voltage.

What is the charging duration?

Everything is simple here. There is a battery level indicator on the start «fire» button (or on the display). If the charge is not enough, the device notifies the user in different ways. In this case, continuing vaping is not possible and you need to connect the device to a power source. Charging the device continues until the indicator notifies that the battery is full.

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