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What are the components of e-cig?

What are the components of e-cig?

Before buying a new vaping gadget or completely shifting from regular cigarettes to electronic ones, each user should study the structure of electronic vaping devices.

Each e-cig includes several constituent parts: LED light, battery, microchip, atomizer, cartridge, drip tip and Fire button.

LED light is an indicator, which switches on during vaping.

Atomizer (or vaporizer) is a part of e-cig, the base of which includes heating coils. It vaporizes e-liquid, turning it into tasty vapor.

When vaper takes a puff, battery of an electronic cigarette starts its operation using built-in microchip. In order to run a manual mode battery, user should press a special button.

Microchip prevents overcharging and turns of a battery if e-liquid level is insufficient.

Cartridge is a reservoir for vaping liquid.

Cartridges are divided into 4 types:

  • HI contains a great amount of nicotine;
  • MED contains an average amount of nicotine;
  • LOW contains a small amount of nicotine;
  • NO is nicotine-free.

Drip tip is a part of gadget, used for vapor inhaling.

Fire button switches on and off the device and supplies vapor.

Operating principle of electronic cigarette:

  • vaper launches chip when inhaling;
  • chip gives a signal to disperser and LED light;
  • heating element starts working;
  • heating is followed by e-liquid vaporization.
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