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How to make DIY e-juices?

How to make DIY e-juices?

Sooner or later, a lot of vapers want to try to make a-liquid on their own. After tasting numerous e-juices, vapor fans realize what flavor they want to create: sweet or salt, mint or fruit.

There are several key rules of custom e-liquids that should be followed in order to make safe and tasty liquid.

Initially, you should buy a standard set: 6 ml and 10 ml bottles, Pasteur pipettes, basic e-juice components, flavoring agents at vaper’s choice and nicotine if necessary.

What is the sequence of all actions?

  1. determine the amount of nicotine;
  2. select a balance of core components;
  3. add flavoring agents.

Fundamental elements include glycerin and propylene glycol. 80/20 or 70/30 is the most frequent proportion. 50/50 option is sometimes used as well. What is the purpose of such proportions? Each component is in charge of a certain e-liquid characteristic. For instance, if one adds more glycerin, vapor will be denser; a bigger amount of propylene glycol will make e-liquid taste richer.

Everything should be mixed in the following order:

  1. add nicotine into propylene glycol;
  2. add glycerin into the mix;
  3. add flavoring agents.

E-juice  should be infused during 1-2 days.

There  is no perfect DIY e-liquid recipe. All vapers have their own flavor and vapor density preferences. To create special custom e-juice, you should try hard to combine various ingredients over and over again.

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