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How to build cool vape coils?

How to build cool vape coils?

In the long run, each vaper wants to prepare an e-juice, build a vape coil or even create a mod manually. It’s not rocket science: learn the theory and put it into practice.

The Internet is full of the information on how to build coils but not their types. There exists a rich assortment of vape coils with specific features. Let us look through them in the review.

  • Tiger Coil is made with several wires rolled together and twisted in a plait.
  • Tidal Coil is built in the same way as Tiger Coil but it has an airy and porous structure that serves a larger area for an e-liquid.
  • Zipper Coil is made in a simple way: you need to twist two cores and set them in parallel.
  • Chain Coil and Anchor Chain can be built using a kanthal or nichrome wire with a 0.15 mm diameter and more. It should be bent and twisted clockwise in a plait.
  • Fused Clapton Coil is much more difficult to be twisted since its structure consists of several coil types.
  • Staggered Fused Clapton requires fewer efforts but patience. The assembling process is the same as the previous one but here, you will need two wires, not one, to build cores. The cores are combined due to the gap between the turns.
  • Hurricane Coil is not difficult to be built. It looks like a ring-shaped roll that can be of different sizes and diameters.
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