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How to make your own DIY e-juice: recommendations

How to make your own DIY e-juice: recommendations

After vaping for a long time, many vapers wonder how to make DIY e-liquids. Naturally, having tested a great number of e-liquids, you might want to come up with something new and unique. In addition, if your friends like what you have created, it will be great.

To create a new e-liquid, you have to follow some rules. Firstly, you should buy a DIY kit, which consists of bottles (6 and 10 ml), Pasteur pipettes, flavoring agents, nicotine, glycerin, and propylene glycol.

The last two ingredients make up the base. Different proportions can be used: 80 and 20, 70 and 30, or 50 and 50. If you take more glycerin, you will receive thicker vapor clouds. In case of more propylene glycol, you will get intense flavor.

DIY e-liquid will be delicious if you adhere to several rules.

  1. Firstly, prepare the base and infuse it within a week. The best way is to infuse it in a dark place, but not in the fridge. Otherwise, nicotine can oxidize and the base will not be transparent, but brown. After the infusion is ready, you can add the flavoring agent.
  2. Make sure to factor in that the same flavor can differ depending on the manufacturer.
  3. Do not forget that the taste of flavoring agent also depends on the wick and coil. If you do not like the taste when you first try it, take another coil build.

Searching on the Internet how to make your own DIY e-juice, you can find hundreds of recipes with specified proportions. One of the most popular recipes is a pineapple DIY e-juice. You should probably train making e-juices tested by other vapers and only afterwards start composing your own e-juice.

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For example, here is one of the DIY e-juice recipes from vapers (you will get 10 ml):

  • nicotine – 0.6 ml;
  • propylene glycol – 4.6 ml;
  • glycerin – 3.9 ml;
  • flavoring agent “banana” – 0.2 ml;
  • flavoring agent “mango” – 0.4 ml;
  • flavoring agent “pineapple” – 0.2 ml;
  • flavoring agent “menthol” – 1 drop.

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