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How to undergo certification of vape products voluntarily

How to undergo certification of vape products voluntarily

Currently, Ukrainian legislation has no strict rules concerning e-cigs and e-liquids realization. For instance, there is no obligatory certification of vape products – manufacturers can undergo it voluntarily. But it is commonly known that all is freely permitted except what is specifically prohibited. Thus, manufacturers should decide on their own, whether to certify their products or not. If you believe that such a decision won’t result in profit, this article is not your cup of tea. But the rest should stay: we will tell you what, where and how to do it.

What and where

Certification is documentary evidence of the fact that the product complies with the state quality standards. It can be mandatory and voluntary. Mandatory certification is applied to the products included into the “List of products that are the subjects to compulsory certification in Ukraine”. Vape devices and eJuices are not included into this list yet.

In Ukraine there is a state system of product certification - UkrSEPRO system (Unified State System of Certification and Standardization in Ukraine). Its work is regulated by the State Committee of Ukraine for Technical Regulation and Consumer Policy (Derzhspozhyvstandart). The procedure is performed by authorized certification agencies (CA).

How and how much

The procedure of voluntary certification is similar to the mandatory one, and includes the following stages:

  • filing of an CA application;

  • submission of documents for certification;

  • consideration of the application by the CA;

  • decision on the application;

  • implementation of the certification procedure (sampling, certification testing, results analysis);

  • entry of certified products on the UkrSEPRO system register, issuance of the certificate of conformity, and conclusion of the licensing agreement;

  • technical supervision over the certified products (is held annually).

  • information on the results of certification.

When filing of an application, classify the products according to their types and indicate models and FEACN (UCCFEA) codes. Electronic inhalers – 8543 70 90 00, e-liquids – 3824 90 99 00.

UkrSEPRO certification system distinguishes certification of one production lot and certification of batch production.

In the first case, the certificate indicates the size of the lot, FEACN code, name and address of the applicant. The validity of the certificate is 6 months. Price starts from 2500 UAH.

If the product is mass-produced, it is possible to select one of the four schemes (models) of certification, given in the Table 1.

Table 1

Schemes (models) of certification of mass-produced products

Scheme (model) of certification

Validity of the certificate

Price, UAH

State monitoring

Certification of products with documentation analysis and without production inspection

1 year

from 2500


Certification of products with production inspection

2 years

from 13000


Certification of products with production assessment

3 years

from 13000


Certification of products with QMS* certification (assessment) of production

5 years

from 13000


* - quality management system

The certification procedure takes from 5 to 22 business days (depending on the selected scheme).

Is it worth?

Yes. Despite the fact that the process of voluntary certification is tedious, certificate increases the competitiveness of products on the market. Certificate is your guarantee of product quality, which increases consumer confidence. It is prestige and reputation that can only be earned. In addition, there are many law firms that will do all the paperwork themselves. An average cost of such services is from 4500 UAH.

Liquids for vaping of the Wick&Wire brand are practically the only liquids in Ukraine that underwent certification. Wick&Wire is a constant guest of VAPEXPO Kiev and twice its products were recognized as the best flavor of the year. If you are still not familiar with its line, read a review of the Wick&Wire e-liquids.

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