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How to wrap a coil for your atomizer correctly? Basic principles

How to wrap a coil for your atomizer correctly? Basic principles

You have recently received a mini guide on how to make a DIY e-liquid. Now it’s high time to learn how to wrap a coil for your atomizer correctly. Of course, you can master these skills in the reverse order, that’s for you to choose, in our turn, we will provide you with the article about coils and coil building.

Types of coils

In fact, a coil is a wire wrapped around a wick and attached to the deck. Depending on the resistance, coil material, sizes of the device, and imagination of the coil builder, coils may vary:

  • Micro coil – a small coil with closely spaced loops. The simplest and most common type.
  • Spaced coil resembles a micro coil, but has some space between loops. It is common for titanium and nickel coil build.
  • Twisted coil consists of two interwoven wires. It is good for both obtaining thick vapor and high-quality taste delivery.
  • Parallel coil build consists of two parallel and adjacent wires. This type provides much vapor.
  • Art coils represent artisanship rather than vaping, being a hobby of professional coil builders.

How to wrap a coil for your atomizer correctly? Basic principles

Materials used for atomizer coils include kanthal, nichrome, fechral, and stainless steel. There also more expensive materials due to their strength such as titanium and nickel. Japanese cotton, non-sterile cotton wool, or cotton pads are used as a wick.

How to make an atomizer coil build

Before you reach the level of building art coils, every top coil builder learns to make a simple atomizer coil (micro coil). That is described below.

  1. Thoroughly clean required tools and your hands before you start working so that cotton does not absorb unwanted flavors.
  2. Fire the wire in case it twists or springs. Don’t do it with nickel or titanium due to their chemical properties.
  3. Deoil it using alcohol.
  4. Take a screwdriver or a special tool from the coil building kit and start wrapping the wire around it, tightly pressing down the loops. You can fix irregularities and interspaces using pliers.
  5. Now, to attach a coil to your atomizer correctly, you need to loosen screws in the deck. Then place the coil legs into the holes and tighten the screws. Using the screwdriver, make sure that the coil resides in the center and does not touch the deck. To avoid short circuits, remove all excessive ‘ends’ and other elements of the coil.
  6. Now use the box mod to fire the installed coil. It should glow evenly from the center to its ends. If it turns red only at one side, apply a ceramic pincer to the ‘rebellious’ part.
  7. Accurately place cotton inside the loops (pushing it in from one side and pulling it out the other side), and hide the remains in the base. Make sure that the fiber does not get on the wraps. The wick should not be too short or too long.
  8. Your atomizer coil is ready. Dampen the cotton with the e-liquid and enjoy vaping!

If you are interested in titanium coil builds as well as complex coils, come to the workshop on coil building from Tony Tornado! He will share life hacks at VAPEXPO Kyiv 2018 on April 14.

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