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How to open an e-liquid for electronic cigarettes?

How to open an e-liquid for electronic cigarettes?

Before opening the e-liquid for electronic cigarettes, make sure that you bought the original one, and not the “clone”. Good liquids are usually very expensive, and speculators have learned to fake. However, an experienced vaper easily distinguishes the original and the “clone”, but it is better for beginners not to risk, and buy expensive e-liquids only at proven specialized vape shops.

Usually, you just turn the lid of the bottle counter-clockwise until it clicks in order to open the e-liquid for the electronic cigarette.

The e-liquid usually contains glycerin, flavors (organic or artificial, there is not much difference in taste), propylene glycol. Sometimes the composition includes distilled water. Each of these substances is harmless, which is the main advantage of vaping.

Nevertheless, you cannot drink e-liquid, it is especially dangerous for children. Therefore, there is a special childproofing on bottles, in this case, before turning the lid, you need to press on it, and then spin on the thread to open the bottle.

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