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Vaping tools or basis of “vaping surgery”

Vaping tools or basis of “vaping surgery”

Sooner or later, all vapers who get used to healthy vapor and are not about to quit it acquire vaping tools. It means that these people are going to improve their vaping skills, joining coil builders. This article will describe main vaping tools and explain a purpose of each of them.

Key vape tools

Vape tools are designed for maintenance of vape devices. They simplify operations with atomizers and mods significantly. Generally speaking, it refers to everything used for servicing. Indeed, a wick with scissors are vape tools as well. We won’t specify a reason but rather proceed to the description of more complicated details of the set for young “vape surgeon”.

  1. Screwdriver. It is a multipurpose tool used not only in vape operations. Vapers need it to replace coils in RDAs and serviced atomizers. One should use a certain screwdriver, depending on the type of screws fixing coil ends: flat screwdriver, cross-blade screwdriver or Allen screwdriver. There are also cross-functional 3-in-1 screwdrivers.
  2. Tweezers. They are used to replace a wick in serviced atomizers. It allows to fluff a wick and put it into a coil. There are various types of this tool, depending on its diameter, form and bit material.
  3. Nipper pliers. Must-haves for all coil builders. Nipper pliers allows to fix a coil and carefully cut a wire. Unlike common household ones, vape nipper pliers are small with a sharp blade and special handle.
  4. Coil building tool. Coil builders use this thing instead of a nail and drill. It can be a simple one (consists of a single cap of different diameter along the full length, allowing users to install a required coil) and complex one with a whole set of various caps.
  5. Other tools: brushes for cleaning decks and coils, boxes for small details, ohmmeters.

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Sets of vaping tools

Sets of vaping tools include everything mentioned above. Sometimes even more and sometime less, depending on a manufacturer and purposes (DIY kit is also a set of vaping tools).

All components can be bought in specialized vape shops as a single set or separately. The price of vape tools depends on a tool, manufacturer and assembling quality. For instance, one screwdriver can cost from 45 to 145 UAH.

DIY Kit by Coil Master (all versions) is considered one of the highest quality sets of vape tools.

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