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Headshot RDA by Purge mods: what RDA option is the best for you?

Headshot RDA by Purge mods: what RDA option is the best for you?

The closer you explore vaping devices, the more often you realize how diversified imagination their designers have. For instance, Purge mods developers decided to impress vape community not just with an atomizer but rather with a real RDA construction set. Meet Headshot RDA!

The device looks pretty standard except for the one distinguishing thing: the gunsight engraving on the RDA body. Users can choose different colors, ranging from black to pink.

The key feature of the atomizer is two decks of 24 mm and 34 mm diameters. The second option is perfect for vapers who are fond of experiments, combining powerful box mods with unusual RDAs.

Why is it referred to a construction set? Vapers can change decks if they want, constructing a new vaping setup. You can also select a serviced platform individually and choose a top cap for this device.

The platform initially installed in the RDA has one interesting coil building aspect. Now you can perform this process without removing coil from a screwdriver and without any manipulations with screws. Even a newcomer can do this.

The top cap has an uncommon form: it shrinks to the top and then expands. It prevents moisture accumulation near the hole.

Technical features:

  • body diameter: 24 or 34 mm;
  • posts diameter – 2,5 mm;
  • deck material: brass;
  • pin material: cooper;
  • connector: 510.

The 24-mm diameter model costs 100 euros and the 34-mm diameter one costs 140 euros.

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