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Wick&Wire e-liquids like Chanel perfume. Line review

Wick&Wire e-liquids like Chanel perfume. Line review

We keep sharing details of the brightest vape event, Ukrainian Vape Week, that has been held at Kiev’s IEC on November 12-13. The sponsor of one of cloud contest categories was Wick&Wire Ukrainian company, bringing joy to exhibition attendees by presenting its products. We have reviewed the whole e-liquid line and are ready to describe each taste in detail.

Жидкости Wick&Wire

Standard Wick&Wire e-liquid line consists of six different flavors. Reading the review, you will want to taste at least one of these unique mixes. The capacity of the bottle is 30 ml, but nicotine content is different: 0; 2 or 4 mg. We have got 2 mg nicotine bottles.

At first glance

Wick&Wire did a good job while designing the bottle label: black sticker with white calligraphic inscriptions. Besides, Wick&Wire  website presents a negative packing format: transparent sticker with black print. We don’t see such a format, but based upon the fact that flavor names are similar, the content doesn’t differ as well. The label includes the company’s logo, e-liquid name, nicotine content, ingredients and manufacturer website.

Each to their own

Frozen forest

Manufacturer’s description: sweet forest berry and wild mint create a real flavor palette of freshness and fullness.

What can we say? Pleasant berry flavor and light coolness on the inhale and tasty mint chewing gum like Wrigley on the exhale. Long chewing gum aftertaste. Soft summer flavor for every day.

Coco Tob

Manufacturer’s description: delicate tobacco with scarcely perceptible spicy hints perfectly combines with coconut milk, stressing flavors of the key tobacco layer.

At the first glance, it is an ordinary e-cig. But this flavor is distinguished by rich coconut aftertaste. Coconut fully intercepts tobacco on the exhale. Pleasant e-juice.

Exotic Charms

Manufacturer’s description: melon sweetness, mango savor and exotic papaya aftertaste are the main hints that perfectly combine with soft and scarcely perceptible dessert.

Delicate butter cream flowing into melon on the first inhale. The exhale reveals uncommon, really exotic mango taste. Exhaling the rest vapor, you will feel initial creamy aftertaste. Very multifaceted pleasant taste.

Apple Suspicious

Manufacturer’s description: rich apple, hiding the softest vanilla hints, with soft cinnamon hints on the aftertaste.

Natural apple with substantial skin and soft flesh with interesting spiced-nutty aftertaste. Pleasant combination of walnut and hint of apple and cinnamon. E-juice is pretty good for daily vaping.

Arctic Black

Manufacturer’s description: combination of various currant breeds provides flavor with incredible variety with red-ripe berry with light menthol coolness on the aftertaste.

Firstly, you feel black current and blackberry. This mix has something similar with candies, so it tastes like candy berry instead of natural. Fresh coolness on the exhale. Initially, the name gives an idea that e-juice will be colder. As a result, sweetness on the inhale and coolness on the exhale create unexpected contrast.

Custard Vanguard

Manufacturer’s description: classic creme anglaise combined with soft peach and apricot hints will make a real flavor extravaganza for your receptors.

In other domestic e-juices, peach combined with creme anglaise provides such an aftertaste that you tearfully want to ask all manufacturers stop producing similar mix, because it is not a peach cake indeed but a shampoo. This e-liquid doesn’t have such aftertaste. It tastes like peach with a pleasant milk hint.


At Ukrainian Vape Week, Wick&Wire team presented two novelties of the series. They hit the market after the event.

Mystic Donut

Manufacturer’s description: soft and refined, precise and exciting donut dusted by almond crumbs.

Holy Cow! It is really a donut! Soft, fat donut dusted by sugar powder. Very often, donut in the e-liquid name hints at some pie, but not here. Perfect taste for a cup of espresso.


Manufacturer’s description: the whole description is still absent, but conditionally, the company defines it as a lemon pie.

Citrus combined with delicate cheesecake on the inhale. The most dessert e-liquid of the whole line. Each flavor pleasantly complements each other. It is an excellent product for sweet lovers that they never be sick of while constant vaping.

Wick&Wire is a leading manufacturer on the Ukrainian market. Its products are interesting and various.

A special thanks for the team allowing us to be the first to taste novelties. You can also be the first! Come to VAPEXPO Kiev that will be held in March 2017.

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